Brands and Marketers all across the globe are eagerly looking out for ways to reach out to Generation Y – Millennials, and for a good reason. This generation is typically categorized between the early 1980s and mid-1990s as the starting of their birth years to early 2000s. This group is considered as one of the biggest living segments in The United States, with 83 million people coming under this category, which is approximately a quarter of the population of the country.

According to a report by Accenture, millennial shoppers tend to spend $600 billion each year in The United States, making it one of the most essential reasons for marketers to prioritize this segment for their businesses.

Millennials are not much of the television lovers; instead, they opt for services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and other digital streaming platforms available, eradicating a significant portion of conventional marketing revenue. People of this segment feel that they deserve high-quality content which keeps them entertained and informed. As stated in a report, 70% of the millennials agreed to the fact that they can easily find a YouTube video on anything and everything they are looking forward to learn, making YouTube one of the prerequisites for the marketers to incorporate in their marketing strategies.

Further, in the article, we have discussed the importance of incorporating YouTube to grab the attention of your millennial audiences.

YouTube video captures the attention

YouTube is most likely to be visited by millennial audiences. In fact, YouTube is considered as the second most visited website. A captivating video helps to grab the attention of your potential customers and also enhances your chances to stand out from the crowd. Try to research the strategies your competitors are using and indemnify the opportunity that they might be skipping on.

Helps in generating High traffic

70% of the millennial segment agreed that they prefer watching a video which makes it quite clear that they might be spending a lot of time on YouTube, thus helping in creating a lot of traffic opportunities for your business. YouTube has an ability to reach out to the viewers on a global level, which helps in generating high traffic, but only of your relevant customers.

YouTube not only provides its users with a cost-effective strategy to market, but the reach of this platform is much more comprehensive as compared to other platforms. In fact, a study quoted that six out of ten millennials prefers to watch an online video rather than watching television. Video is just not any trend, but a prerequisite for your marketing strategies.

To know the type of videos, you can create to enhance your marketing strategies, refer the following: How to Use Digital Videos in E-Commerce

Enhance your ROI from different video marketing channels

There is no secret behind the fact that the videos you create to market your business, help you to achieve your preferred Return on Investment (ROI). According to Wyzowl’s state of Video marketing survey of 2018 stated that 78% of marketers agreed that videos boosted up the ROI of their business.

Mainly talking about YouTube, this platform is your bread and butter of various video campaigns, and the other platforms and channels help to support and complement your content on YouTube.

The widely used platform is accepted by people of every segment and is a perfect ground for showcasing your product or services.

Boosts up your Search Engines Rankings

YouTube videos tend to rank high on Google search pages which depict how building your marketing techniques around YouTube can help your business yield real Search Engine Optimization results. Moreover, according to a study by Cisco, videos will consist of 80% of most of the internet traffic by 2021. The growing interest of the audiences in videos is more likely motivating Google to rank sites better which offers excellent and genuine video content.

As your business tends to step into the world of video marketing, YouTube will help your business to have the upper hand in establishing trust and credibility, thus enhancing the visibility and awareness of your brand. With the right types of strategies incorporated, YouTube can help your business to drive a good amount of traffic to your website.

Understand the trend of your millennial audiences and start conducting the most appropriate keywords research for the enhancement of your business.

Reaches out your Potential Customers on a Global Level

YouTube has an extraordinary ability to reach and target your potential customers globally. This medium is accessible on every smart device thus making it available anywhere and everywhere. The evolution of using mobile devices more has made this platform popular among people of every age group.

According to research from App Annie, YouTube is among the top application used by the people on both IOS and Android platforms. As the availability of this platform is on such a large scale, the exposure potential of your content on this application provides your business as one of the most effective tools for marketing.

Wrapping Up!

According to various studies, we have concluded that YouTube is the best channel for your business if you are really looking forward to targeting the perfect segment of audiences- The Millennials. Though it’s not that easy, as it might sound, understanding how to attract and draw their attention can help you to surge up your YouTube.

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