The popularity of animated videos has developed so dramatically, that it has cemented itself as one of the essentials of the business marketing strategy, which is hard to ignore. With a bit of creativity, innovation and a well-thought process, your video can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Using distinctive and catchy voice notes, impeccable capturing helps you to hold the attention of your viewers while providing them with the relevant information.

The main motive of any marketing agency is to make their brand more appealing and convincing to the viewers, thus enhancing their ROI. Animated videos breathe life into simple graphics, hence increasing the impact of their brand on the visitor. Your brand might be okay, but with proper usage of animated videos in your video marketing strategy will help you to rock your brand.

But before moving any further, let’s enhance your knowledge regarding the statistics, of why one must prioritize using animated videos in their video marketing strategy.

  • According to a study by Cisco, Global internet traffic from the video will constitute up to 80% of the total internet traffic by 2019
  • The people can retain 65% of the information for three days when supplemented using a visual aid
  • Videos tend to earn shares up to 12 times more as compared to that of text and images combined
  • Companies who are using animated videos in their video marketing strategy have observed 49% faster revenue growth within a year.

    Let’s get going with the article and understand what other ways an animated video can help your business to boost your marketing strategy.

    Explains your Brand within Seconds

    The video contains a lot of stimuli that helps to grab our attention and process the information very fast. Our brain tends to process a video 60,000 times faster as compared to a text! That automatically means that just in case if your product or services are pretty complicated to explain, with a full-fledged animated commercial, you can quickly get your business idea on the platter for your audiences.

    Enhance your Brand’s Presence

    Videos are entertaining, and within seconds you can easily convey your message to your targeted audience. Moreover, they are great for publishing on almost every platform such as social media platforms, Email marketing, landing pages, company events, etc.

    They allow you to explain your brand more creatively and innovatively, thus enhancing your brand presence.

    Increases Conversions

    If you are posting and publishing your animated videos on your landing page, your brand will for sure get an exposure that will be highly engaging, thus helping your products and services come through quickly.

    According to the study, 74% of the people who watch a product via explainer video tend to buy the product and putting such videos on the landing pages helps to boost up the conversion rate by 80%.

    The animation is Cheap to Produce

    Using animated videos in your video marketing strategies especially for various social media platforms tends to be less expensive as compared to that of a live video. Video production might need spending of thousands of dollars. Instead one can quickly create an animated explainer video for their business.

    Wrapping Up!

    Video marketing is essential and incorporating animated videos, or animated explainer videos is not only mandatory, but it’s a new way to make people understand why they must prefer your brand over others.

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