The perks of storytelling have started to retain its competitive edge ever since a significant rise is observed in the sphere of advertising. No matter, the type of marketing trends have come and gone by, but storytelling in the form of creative video content is something that has and will always maintain its uniqueness.

Video marketing as a trend has turned out as a “winner”, as videos are gradually becoming the future of marketing for your luxury brand, and all the credit goes to the developing ecosystem of online influencers and extremely interactive, viral and portable tone of videos today.

According to a report by HubSpot, videos have dominated four out of the top six platforms on which users watch videos globally, and it turns out that all four of them are social media platforms! Moreover, Facebook has recently predicted that all the platforms will be video based within five years.

Let’s give you an insight into some useful stats that can help you to understand why integrating video content will certainly make your brand outshine.

  • According to a study of 2017, people on an average watched one and a half hours of video content a day, and 15% of people are watching more than three hours daily.
  • 76% of the marketers agreed that video content helped them enhanced their website traffic.
  • 95% of the people learned about a product or a service after watching an explainer video.
  • 81% of buyers were convinced to buy a service or a product after watching the brand’s video.

Crafting a video content not only helps your brand to look more authentic, but also a simple and informative video is what most audiences look out for. So if you are still not falling for this video content strategy, then I am afraid, your brand might be falling behind!

Further, in the article, you will be introduced to some mind-blowing facts of why video content will for sure work or your luxury brand.

Videos help to –Give life to your imagination.

Videos have a strong capability to communicate the message within seconds that also helps in capturing the attention of your viewers. Try giving a sneak peek of your product or services in your video, and fill your customers with the curiosity to know what comes next!

Video content helps in communicating the information in a better manner that other techniques might fail to convey. Moreover, crafting a video for your luxury product will be more effective as it can intensify once desire to buy your product.

Helps to keep your potential customers “Engaged”

Video Content is considered among the top shared content on different social media platforms, and the reason is very crisp and clear – user engagement. Videos help in capturing the attention of the laser- targeted customer base on a daily basis. With a number of different tools, videos have become a significant part of this marketing industry. Videos help to tell your story in a better manner.

Crafting a high quality and an affordable video helps you to achieve your desired Return on Investments (ROI). A luxury brand video content that becomes popular will also be shared quickly on different social media platforms, thus helps your brand communicate with their potential customers worldwide.

Cheers to “Authenticity”

Video content helps in encouraging a sense of authenticity that helps to gain trust and credulity of your potential customers. Following the old marketing practices of leveraging the client testimonials might not work if you are not able to convey them properly to your audiences.

Try incorporating behind the scenes, interviews and audience’s reaction in your videos that will help your brand to gain more trust and acceptance by your targeted segment.

Conveys your message – within seconds

A picture might be able to say thousands of words, but a 30-second video can say millions. Video content is a more accessible medium for your audience to relate and understand the message your business wants to convey. Moreover, video content allows your brand’s information to be spoken out with real emotions, making it the fastest medium for your people to understand.

Google is in love with – Video Content

Google appreciates the video content which is relevant and informative. Besides, YouTube is the second largest search engine on a global level – owned by Google. If Google finds your video content suitable for the customers, it will rank it higher making it directly proportional for the users to notice it in their search results.

Wrapping Up!

As luxury brands tend to rank high, customers naturally have the tendency to expect more from such business in terms of products, services, and content. In order to fulfill those expectations from your potential customer’s one must know how to keep up the excellent work by maintaining their charm, thus never compromising with the picture quality of your video content. With all of the essential things concluded in this article, Video content marketing is indeed the winner of all the social media platforms. But to craft, a perfect video one must remember to keep it clear, concise and authentic.

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