Video marketing is indeed a significant trend among the marketers as the user engagement with video content is much higher as compared to that of others. Video content is easily accessible in this modern era of smart devices and fast internet, and it is much easier to produce than it used to be previously.

Animated explainer videos provide its users with a perfect medium to attract potential visitors to the website, thus educating them with the key features and benefits of your product or services. According to a study done by Nielsen, on an average, a visitor spends around 10-20 seconds on the website, only if they don’t find any cogent reason to stay. This automatically means that the first 10 seconds of your explainer video is very crucial, as it gives your viewers a reason to stay and understand about your product or services, thus setting out your business’s value proposition.

Before moving further, let’s give you an insight into some useful stats.

  • 85% of the companies in 2018, considered animated explainer videos as an integral part of their strategy.
  • 82% of the organizations invested more in video marketing
  • 78% of marketers confessed that video marketing helped them in enhancing their ROI.
  • 76% of the marketers concluded by saying that videos help in improving traffic to their website

Further, in the article, we will introduce you to some of the most influential reasons of why your company may it be a small or a large scale company must try to incorporate the use of animated explainer video in their video marketing strategies. Understanding them will not only help you to clear your doubts regarding the explainer videos but will also convince you to use them.

Enhancing the rate of conversions

According to a survey by Video Rascal, 85% of the viewer tends to buy a product or a service, once they watch an explainer video demonstrating the appropriate use in the life of the customer. Animated explainer videos help to keep a tally of the visitors, visited on their website which could eventually turn out to be their actual customers.

Clarifies the purpose of your product

Advertisements with texts only can be very tricky for a viewer to understand, as different people have the ability to interpret different information in a different manner. So it is crucial for every business to convey their thoughts in a proper manner.

An animated explainer video helps to simplify the process of the marketer by demonstrating the basic functioning of the product. In fact, viewers tend to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product once they see the video. Moreover; video marketing strategy helps you to connect with your potential customers in a better way, by explaining the advantages of your brand and giving them a strong reason why they must choose you over others in the industry.

Helps to rank better on Google

Websites which are full of block text and images tend to rank low in Google, which is just not acceptable by any viewers. If your website is lacking in exposure, it will surely rank low on Google searches. Viewers who are in search of good informative videos tend to stay away from such websites, as this might create trust issues within them.

Helps to mark an impression on your audience

On average, a person can only retain 10% of what they hear, but if you make them watch a video, they tend to retain 50% of it. This automatically means that your business needs to incorporate the technique of video marketing. Apart from an animated explainer video, word of mouth also matters a lot, as it helps to maintain the trust of the new user.

Showcases your brand personality

Let your explainer video talk about the personality of your brand. All you need to do is to tone the script of your video according to your brand that reflects you the advantages for the users of choosing your brand over others.

Wrapping Up!

Incorporating animated explainer videos help to boost up the business as it is one of the most accessible mediums to make complex things look simple. Explaining your products and services in a video will not only make it easy for the viewers to understand but will also help you to boost up your business in numerous ways.

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