Everyone in the industry is well aware of the fact that if your website is primarily focusing on text-based content, then it might be challenging for you to make your potential customers stick to your business. Text-based content is old-fashioned; video content is the new trend of this modern technological era!

The industry very well knows the advantages of video content for boosting up the relevant traffic and for SEO. In fact; Cisco stated in its latest Visual Networking Index that video content would make up to 79% of total consumer internet traffic by the year 2020. Search engines are also becoming very smart and canny as they understand the latest trend and highly rank the video content. Moreover, webpages incorporated with highly informative and creative video content are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of the Google search results.

Though, all video content does not get the same response from the viewers, so to make your video content stand out from the crowd, it must be informative, interactive and creative all at the same time. Many websites tend to rank high on SERP’s, and they do even get the traffic they desire, but they also suffer from high bounce rate and low customer engagement. Thus, while producing video content for your website, one must make it a priority to create a video in a way that helps in enhancing user engagement on the website.

Conversion rates or user engagement is termed as the percentage of individuals playing and interacting with your video content, thus are categorized under the suitable measures taken to enhance the visibility and interest of your potential customers. This is where Explainer videos play a crucial role in maintaining the effective user engagement on your website, by providing relevant information about your business to the audiences.

Explainer videos have gradually become a medium to communicate the value proposition for the business of every segment and start-ups. But the main question that arises is that:

How effective is this strategy?

Explainer video content makes up a huge slice of content, which we watch online! The key to proving the success of this strategy is by paying attention to the conversions and measured by the actions of the customers. From the way to storytelling to share-ability explainer videos help to enhance your rate of conversions by 20%.

But first, let’s understand what exactly the explainer videos are?

Explainer videos provide you with a medium to introduce your business, product, and services to your targeted audiences. Such videos offer your brands the visibility and awareness which is required to define the persona of your company. The explainer video gives your brand a face which helps in building the trust of the viewer on your website.

So, now let’s understand how and why explainer video helps in enhancing and improving user engagement on your website in a big way.

Explainer video – creates an emotional bond with the user

Videos are the amalgamation of memories, dreams and real feelings. Animated explainer videos help to form a relationship with their viewers, thus ensuring the viewers that your brand understands them and their problems well.

Video content helps to retain 50% of more information

Over 50% of the data is retained through visual information. Reading is something which is not preferred by everyone, as it may turn out to be monotonous! Explainer videos with animated characters, motion graphics, and great audio can help your viewer get rid of the monotony.

The viewer does well appreciate all the animated explainer videos, but there is one perfect technique that will make your viewers stick to their screen – Motion Graphics!

Motion graphics allows its users to take full advantage of various visual elements thus communication their motive to their potential customers in an interactive manner.

Explainer videos are great to enhance your brand’s visibility in different search engines

On average, the attention span of your visitor is only 8 seconds!

Very short, but it’s enough for your potential visitor to understand your company via explainer video.

A good explainer video helps in enhancing your brand’s visibility. Moreover, 52% of the marketing professionals agreed that they are more than satisfied with their ROI (Return on Investment) of online explainer video as compared to any other form of content. Such high engagement rates help in extending the stay of your viewers on your websites thus enhancing your overall strategy of search engine optimization.

Explainer videos help to appeal your Mobile users.

Mobiles and video content work hand in hand. 90% of the total consumers watch their relevant video on their mobile devices. According to the reports by YouTube, video consumption increases by 100% every year. As people love to watch videos on their smart devices and the numbers of such devices are also growing at an alarming rate, it becomes very important for every company to optimize their video content for smartphones as well. The rise in the number of smartphones videos means that companies now must sensitive to their user’s personal experiences on their smart devices.

Wrapping Up!

Explainer videos provide the companies with a great medium to be connected to their customers, thus conveying their motives in a way which is more precise and concise! Animated videos content not only helps your organization to capture proper attention but also helps to portray your value propositions. The cocktail of your innovation and creativity in your explainer video will help you to create your real miracles of advertising at a low cost.

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