In 2019, every organization needs a social presence of their brand on every platform. Advancements in social media platforms have proved as one of the best tools used for digital marketing purposes. Providing from free accounts to paid versions, social media has become a perfect medium where you can quickly and easily enhance your brand’s visibility and gain a loyal customer base for your brand.

But with the number of options out there, it often becomes difficult to choose an area to focus on. After all, businesses of all scales and sizes don’t have enough time to monitor six to seven different types of social media accounts. But, yes you can surely stick to some platforms and still reach to your potential customers.

Further, in the article, we have discussed some important social media platforms which are best known to serve their customers. This will help you to decide the best type of platform which will help your brand reach out to its potential customers through digital marketing and serve your resources where they are needed the most.


There are 2.23 billion users present on Facebook and is considered to have one of the most extensive user bases. Almost half of the Facebook users are active every day, spending 18 minutes on an average per visit! People are not only busy in uploading pictures or videos, but each of them is getting connected to a different type of groups, pages or events – this is exactly where your marketing skills and Facebook comes into play.

There are approximately more than 65 million of businesses using Facebook pages and more than seven million advertisers actively promoting their brands on Facebook. Such social media platform allows you to turn your potential customers into a community dynamically.


Twitter has emerged as a happening place as it provides its users with relevant information and new content from all over the web. There are millions of people connected to this social media platform every month, which makes it quite clear why every brand wants to have an account on Twitter. Though Twitter may not have such an extensive user base as Facebook, it indeed is one of the most used platforms.

Twitter limits its user to write a concise, interesting and informative 208 character message, though it’s not easy, one can definitely improve their skills.


LinkedIn is not only about searching for jobs or forwarding resumes, but it has successfully evolved as a professional social media website. It allows the experts of the industry to share their content, network with their people thus maintaining their brand’s presence. Because of which, LinkedIn is considered best for B2B content rather than B2C.

With more than 575 plus million users and 260 plus million monthly active users, LinkedIn gives its users an opportunity to market their brand directly to the users. This social media platform is flooded with the decision –makers and influencers.


YouTube is the second largest search engine, after Google and is also considered as the best platform for watching videos. You can get content of almost every genre on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean this platform cannot be used on a professional level.

You can quickly put up a product review or an instructional video for your customers to understand well about your products and services. Moreover, after you create a video it will automatically start to come on YouTube and Google search results, thus helps in enhancing the visibility of your brand.

A video is not supposed to be high-priced or fancy in order to efficient for the promotion of your brand, but all it needs is to be on YouTube.


Understanding the most suitable type of social media platform will not only save your precious time but will also help your teams to lead on the path of achieving your marketing goals. Though that doesn’t mean you don’t put in much effort to understand the latest trends of social media platforms.

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