If you are eagerly looking forward to a way that helps to enhance your conversions and boost up the footfall on your website, then my dear video marketing is the key!

YouTube one of the most in-demand video websites bought by Google in 2006 has already become the second most internet browsing websites, and by 2018 it was estimated that 84% of the total online traffic would be online videos. According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 78% of the business has already invested in video marketing while the other brands who have already stepped into the world of video marketing will increase their investments.

So with these stats, it is quite clear that video marketing is something which is very hard for any brand or business top overlook, as this offers you to attract your potential segment at a global level.
Video content not only helps in targeting audiences at a global level, but this strategy is also indispensable in engaging and attracting your new customers to your landing page. If you are looking forward to doubling up your rate of conversions then – video content plays a very significant role for your business to achieve your desired return on investments.

But, sadly, most of the brands fail to use their video content to their full potential.

Further, in this article, we are going to cover some important video marketing tips for your business that will help you to enhance your conversions and boost up your sales.

Product Videos

Product videos provide you with a perfect medium to make your viewers stick to your website for longer. Remember, the Dropbox- the way they used an animated explainer video which helped them to fetch 10 million new leads. A product video helps your potential customers to give a better understanding of the working or the process of your product, even without using it!

If your product video is both informative and entertaining, more than half of your sales pitching is done then and there! A product video is enough to convince your targeted audience to use your product.

How-to Videos

As the word explains itself that How-to videos are self-explanatory! These types of videos are very much suitable to showcase the working of different products and services. Such videos give the marketers an upper hand to describe their potential customers a step by step guide of the product.

How to videos are perfect for the customers who love to understand the specifics and the details of the product.

Webinars Videos

According to research, 73% of the B2B businesses find webinars the best way of media to fetch quality leads and engaging more audiences. Moreover, they even concluded that a visitor is more likely to turn into a loyal customer via webinars. Webinars can be conducted on any subject, research, history, latest technology.

Animated Explainer Videos

A question which is asked by most of the marketers is how a video can enhance the user experience and the answer is very simple, by creating innovative and interactive explainer videos.
Users love to watch a video which is informative and interactive; using this method helps your potential customers to stick to your website, thus engaging them for a more extended period. A website with video content integrated helps to intensify the user engagement.

You can even add a call-to-action button or even make your people subscribe to your channels.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonial works like magic!

When new customers surf your website, they are always in search to read or to hear something about the client’s experiences. Testimonials with simple texts might not be able to convince as a video can.

Such testimonials help to build trust and reliability, making your customers more confident about your brand.

Wrapping Up!

Video content in this modern digital era serves numerous purposes both for communicating your thoughts to the clients and for marketing purposes as well. Though this marketing strategy is not new to this world, the techniques to make it innovative and creative is the key to boost up your sales and enhance your conversions.

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