Video marketing is one of the most efficient and effective strategies a brand can use in their overall marketing techniques and campaigns, this trend has been continuously evolving from the past few years, and all the major credit goes to the fast internet speed with the help of which online sales of the businesses have significantly exploded.

The most popular video sharing website YouTube is the second largest search engine globally with more than billions of users accessing it, approximately one-third of all the users on the web. According to a study by Cisco, 80% of the total user internet traffic will be video by 2019.

Astonishing, isn’t it!

While surfing your Facebook feeds, you might have noticed that most of these social media platforms have turned into a jam-packed-watching session. You are more likely to send snaps to your family and friends in a week and talking about Face time; it has become a new way to communicate with your people across the globe.

The reason for this sudden popularity is quite apparent, as video content helps in reaching out to the people of the diversified culture quickly. Videos help in communicating your message in a much easier manner. According to research, 65% of the individuals prefer learning visually, as vision is the most superior sense, engaging almost half of the brains resources, thus leaving an imprint on the viewers.

Videos not only help you to explain your brand in front of your potential customers but also let your viewers understand your business personally, thus motivating them to believe in the credibility of your business.

Before moving further, let’s give you an insight into some useful stats.

  • More than half of the viewers who watch videos online agreed that such video content helps them to be confident regarding the purchasing decision
  • A video is more likely to appear on the search results of Google by 50 times as compared to that of the traditional activities
  • 76% of marketers agreed that their website traffic was increased when they incorporated video content
  • After watching an explainer video about a product or service, 95% of the users were convinced to buy it

Further, in the article, we will introduce you to some of the most effective ways your video content can help to market your service business.

Helps in Building Trust

According to a study by eyedigitalview , inserting video content on your landing page helps you to increase your conversion rates by 80%. Video content is more than a signature of trust among your potential customers, as they feel more comfortable with a business who has explained about the working products and services in an elaborated manner.

Videos act like your virtual sales person who masters in demonstrating the advantages and the value of your product and services to your targeted segment.

Offers Transparency

According to research by Vendasta, 95 percent of customers who are not happy with the services of the business will return to them only if they successfully resolve their issues successfully. This is the very first sign where your offers a sense of trust and credibility to your targeted audiences.

Video content helps your business to win the trust of your unhappy audiences by crafting a video, which offers solutions to the problem that they might be facing with the product. Craft your video with behind the scenes and interviews and win over your people.

Enhances SEO

The simple technique of SEO and practices of customer acquisition leads to almost the same result which is – providing informative content to your potential buyers. In fact, blogs and articles which have video content integrated into them help to get three times as many inbound links as compared to that without video content.

Apart from different written content, video content has more potential to helps your website enhance its rankings on Google and other search engines.

Wrapping Up!

If you are looking forward to taking advantage of this strategy of video marketing, modify your strategies to get the best out of it. Gaining an edge in this competitive world will take some time for your business to flourish, but eventually, it will catch up with the pace.

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