Videos are dominating and not just YouTube, but the whole web!

Moreover, according to HubSpot, four out of the top six social media channels where global users watch videos are social media channels. And this wave made by video content is just not going slow down in future in fact; it is going to conquer the world of the web by 2021 as predicted by the Vice President of Facebook’s EMEA Nicola Mendelsohn.

Furthermore, technology conglomerate Cisco stated that by 2021, all user internet traffic would be video.

So, what do you conclude but all the stats?

In a nutshell, the business of every segment must make video content marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy, or else your brand will be left behind in this race of competition.

Video marketing strategies requires ample of resources and planning to start from drafting concepts, forming scripts and implementing other branding strategies. There is a whole lot of work to be done by a brand, making sense to the fact that one needs to put in a lot of effort in their video distribution strategy as well, so as to get a decent ROI (Return on Investment).

But if you still feel uncertain about how video content can surge up your content marketing strategy, let’s bring up some interesting facts:

  • 52% of the marketers stated that video content helps them to achieve their desirable ROI
  • 72% of the users stated that they would prefer video content over an image or a text to learn more about the services or the product.
  • According to CISCO, by 2019, video content will make up to 80% of the total user internet traffic.

Once you start to understand the significance of video content marketing for your brand, you must pull up your socks to get started with this mind-blowing strategy to fetch your potential audiences.

But the question is, HOW?

There are various types of video content available to get your targeted audiences perfectly engaged with your brand as each and every type of video content fits into the sales funnel in its own way.

So if you are eagerly looking forward to learning about the emerging world of video content, then you have landed to the right place!

Educational videos

Educating your potential audiences on the specific subject that you know the best is the best way to attract them, as in this way, they will receive your message in a better manner. Knowledge is a very powerful weapon that can help your audience to make a better decision of buying the product or not.

Before investing, people tend to look out for various opinions, reviews and valuable insight regarding the product so that they can be more confident about buying it. Such educational video provides them with that insight.

Such educational videos help to spread knowledge and increase the visibility of your brand as well.

Explainer Videos

Audiences are restless! In fact, according to a study, an average online attention span of a user is 8.25seconds.

Which makes it quite important for you to make your video content is a way which keeps your potential users glued to your brand.

Explainer videos provide you with an amazing medium through which you can easily explain the essentials of your product or services. A well-crafted explainer video helps you to lower down the bounce rate by 34%.

Product Videos

Product video provides you with the best option when you want to explain your product or services in detail to your customers. These videos help you explain your offerings in detail, thus including every inch of the product specification. A product video is the best medium for those people who love to reach before they invest in your brand.

Moreover, 85% of the consumers stated that they were more confident to buy a product or services, after watching a product video.

The reason is very simple!

Such videos help to give a clear picture of what are the advantages of buying that particular product, thus helping the business to enhance their sales as well.

FAQ’s Videos

Instead of writing down a long list of FAQ’s for your customers to understand, it is a better option to make a video demonstrating all the necessary FAQ’s. The main advantage of such FAQ’S is that it will help your targeted audiences to resolve their questions. Such practices also help in surging up your sales.

Testimonial Videos

Your targeted audiences love to refer to a client testimonial when they are about to purchase a certain product or a service, as it helps them to surge up their trust on the brand.

The thing about client testimonial is that a huge number of potential users believe in online reviews.

Your testimonial video can show your clients about their experiences with your offerings. A client’s video is ultra-transparent, which also makes your potential users trust the credibility of your brand.

How-To Videos

Creating a How-to Video for your potential customers helps to present your video content in a task-focused manner, eventually helping your users to understand the process of your product or services.

The main advantage of using such videos is that they provide you with the flexibility that helps you to educate your targeted segment about your offerings, thus enhancing brand awareness and visibility.

Your How-To video helps you to establish your business and brand as an authority.

Social Media Videos

One must never leave behind the social media platform while they are promoting their business or brand, as social media is where propel are! Before crafting a perfect video for your social media platform, one must remember to make it according to the people. The best way to ensure the best performance is by regularly looking through the analytics.

Wrapping Up!

Depending upon what you expect to get from your video content, your content distribution techniques might vary. Such video content helps in engaging most of your targeted customers, thus increasing your return on investment. Rather than increasing the number of videos, you must understand how to enhance the quality of your videos, that will not only help you to save your precious time, but it will also help you to be on a strategic path of video content marketing.

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