The achievement of Instagram stories is a very good example of how uncomplicated and smooth video content creation and production have become so famous in this modern digital era. According to research, Instagram stories have almost doubled the number of active users than Snapchat, after launching IGTV in August 2018.

The response from audiences all over the world was overwhelming as IGTV provided them with a platform to showcase their vertical video content, without any hassle to rotate their smartphones!

But as this platform is entirely new to the industry, many marketers are still familiar with the significance of vertical video content. But, if you pay close attention to most of the video content posted on various social media platforms, you will find vertical video content here, there, everywhere!

Be it on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or now on even IGTV!

Unfortunately, most marketers are still not convinced by the advantages provided by vertical video content. According to research, vertical video content is much more effective than horizontal video content as they are precisely the one which suits the screens of your mobile devices.

This trend of using vertical video content has just started to pace up, so jump into the race and stay ahead in the competition by using them in the most appropriate manner into your business website.

So let’s dive in!

Different types of vertical video content that can help you enhance your video marketing strategies!

Animated Video Content

People love to go through stories as it helps them to understand the plot in a better manner. Try visiting Facebook; you will find ample of motivational and inspirational stories in a form of video content.

The advantage of such animated video content is that the characters help your audiences to bond with your brand on an emotional level. Every time your animated video motivates or inspires your targeted audiences, every time it helps to trigger the emotional level of your targeted segment.

Moreover, such tactics also help in influencing your buyer’s decisions!

Stats Video Content

We all are very well aware of the fact that simple data is boring! That’s why using data in the form of video infographics is the best decision to follow, as it not only makes the data interesting but also the creativity in your video help your audiences to understand your potential in your sphere.

Try making attractive infographics in the form of vertical video content to showcase various statistics and trends. Vertical video content is the perfect solution when you are looking forward to showcasing different data.

Animated Explainer Video Content

This industry is very well aware of the advantages provided by animated explainer videos; moreover, this technique has become one of the prerequisites for every brand and business. Animated explainer videos allow you to showcase the complicated process and methods of your products and services in a manner which is easy for your audience to consume. At times it might become tough for your viewers to understand the product, which might lead to misinterpretation, so to get rid of such situation animated explainer videos are the best solution!
But the question arises, is that how many of animated explainer videos are mobile friendly?

By using vertical video content, you can easily make your video content best for mobile devices as it not only helps you to get more views and shares but also helps your video content stand out from rest of the crowd.

Video Content based on Comparison

Everyone loves to compare the features, isn’t it?

Everything is compared, starting from different sports teams to the latest gadgets; everything is compared on a daily basis. You can easily craft an animated video content or a whiteboard animation video content showcasing the comparisons as it not only makes your content interesting but also comfortable for your audience to understand the difference.

Final Notion!

Vertical video content is considered as a trendsetter in this digital era! As it not only allows its users to take their videos vertically but also saves your smart device from dropping! Use the above types of animated vertical video content into your business website and stay ahead in the competition.

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