In the past few years, companies have started to use this technique of animation video marketing dynamically due to which video marketing has surged up from 63% to 81%. Though it’s just numbered, this increase in statistics surely depicts the power of video marketing tools in this modern era.

Companies are trying their level best to come up with innovative and creative video styles and animation methods so as to establish a signature for their business. After all, creating an animation video is an art in this era where online content and social media plays a massive role in establishing your brand’s visibility-by providing informative content for an organization’s potential customers.

This automatically means that, if your company is not well aware of creating an animated video, then it’s high time that you must know the significance of different types of animation videos one can use to enhance their business.

But, how do animated videos serve the needs of your customers?

Animation video helps in showcasing the problems of the viewer and immediately offers a solution to them. In fact, animated videos are also an excellent medium for educational purposes due to its narrative audios, eye-catching visuals, and great effects, thus making these videos a center of attraction and an interactive way to serve your customers.
Bundle up these leverages with various types of storytelling and animation techniques to create compelling videos instead of boring texts, and you will get a perfect marketing tool to accomplish any your marketing strategy.

Considering a vast number of animation techniques one can use, we have compiled six different types of animation styles for you to get inspired and use them in your next video process.

2D Animation

2D animation is a traditional, hand-drawn technique which allows animators to create images in two-dimensional environments. Since this technology was formulated in the late 1880s, this technology has challenged animators to take it to a whole new level. Earlier Disney cartoons and movies were made using two-dimensional animation with the help of a series of still pictures, but now such cartoons are created using the software. The main intention behind 2D animation is to create storyboards, backgrounds in 2D environment and characters. This type of animation is excellent for both B2B and B2C companies, because of its emotion evoking features that help to directly appeal the audiences, thus making it a perfect piece of content for people to connect.

Despite the popularity of 3D animation, the techniques of 2D animations are still high in demand.

3D Product Marketing Animation

Animated product marketing is a perfect way to showcase your relevant customers about the working of your product and services. The benefits of this animation styling are to make your potential customers understand your business and the operations so that they can easily relate to your brand.

Perfect product marketing animation give you an upper hand to break out to the possibilities of the real world and simplifying complicated ideas or process, using different characters, graphics and environment.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a type of animation which contains a lot of text accompanied by simple graphics. As there is always a constant moment in this type of styling, it becomes easy for audiences to understand, thus becoming one of the most engaging medium and easy to follow. Motion Graphics helps to bring life to stories using graphics, texts, and interactive visuals.

Motion graphics requires a lot of training in drawing and animating.Each and every movement in the motion graphics video requires a considerable amount of detailing and a detailed method of execution specifically between the movement of small objects and frames, making it one of the biggest reasons why motion graphics take an enormous amount of an animator’s time as compared to other styles of animation.

3D Medical Animation

3D medical animation has developed over recent years. According to the study by Medical Animation Industry and different Market trends, in 2016 the global medical animation market was $118.5 million and after a year the value surged up to $176.6, approximately with a growth rate of 49%.

With the help of vast computer technology, 3D medical animation is making the most of the transformation which helps in reaching to a wider segment of audiences. Computer technology and different software allow the animators to create virtual 3d medical models.

3D Character Animation

If you are looking forward to portraying your story using animated characters, then the best way to accomplish your goals is to create using 3d character animation. 3D character animation uses all of your characters well to narrate the story you want to convey, by interaction with each other and with other objects, actions, and dialogues.

There are many online softwares available for every platform that allows you to give life to your story, but to hire a professional for this work remains the best options. 3D animation needs huge learning curves; first, you need to create the character. After that, you need to understand how to include dialogues, audios, and other features to make your video attractive.

White Board Animation

Whiteboard animation is one of the best and most popular types of video animation. This animation is about normal drawings which are illustrated in black and white styling on a whiteboard. One can easily narrate a story with freely drawn pictures on a white surface which will convey the information.

The designing of this style allows your potential customers to concentrate on the content and not to get amused by visual effects. These videos are an excellent medium if you want to explain the content which is complex and dense. These type of video suits best for tech startups, IT solutions, and healthcare/pharmaceutical companies and for educational purposes.

Wrapping Up!

The type of animation style you chose, speaks about your brand and intentions. So before you choose, your style, make it a point to analyze all the options, according to your requirements and be ready to skyrocket your ROI’s.

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