It’s quite simple that if you are really serious about enhancing the online presence of your business, you need to have a good marketing content. The type of content which helps to resonate, engage and compels your relevant audiences to stick to your brand for a more extended period. Content that inspires your potential customers to take positive actions such as liking and sharing your content with others. And it is none other than using the techniques of – Animation, for your brand.

According to the recent stats, there is an increase of 40% within the business who uses the technique of animation. Long are the days gone, when this technique of animation was only used to fascinate kids and encourage their imagination. In today’s modern digital era, marketers have grabbed the medium of animation to find a way to the hearts of their potential customers by using attractive and alluring animation content.

Animation provides the business with a great medium to communicate with their potential audiences on a global level by conveying their ideas and motives. The animation is all about expressing yourself and communicating your feelings to the people.

Unfortunately, the advantages are misunderstood and underestimated. Knowing the real benefits of animation can help you to take your business to its actual potential. So let’s enlighten you up with some of the most convincing reasons that you may not be aware of using this fantastic strategy.

Let’s dive in!

Animated character helps in communication

Brands and businesses have only a few seconds to tell their potential audiences about the offering of their products and services. Animation provides these industries with a perfect medium to convey their messages and ideas in the form of a quick story.

According to recent research, a 60 seconds animation video is worth 1.8 million words. Animation has the potential to sell out the offering to the customers quickly, which is yet an essential part if you are seeking to enhance your online presence.

Animation boosts up your rate of conversions

Animation, when used to advertise the offering of your product and services, can boost up your rate of conversion by simplifying your business motives and engaging your potential customers. According to a recent study, 64% of the viewer’s feel more confident to buy a product or services after watching an animated explainer video. Furthermore, viewers who stay on your website for more than 2 minutes tend to stay longer with your brand.

Animated Videos are easy to understand

One of the most amazing things about using animation is that it helps to display the motives and ideas of a business in a much more transparent and straightforward manner. You don’t have to stick to loads of information and different statistics to make your message clear across your potential segment of audiences. An animated video is a combination of text, graphs, charts, images and infographics which helps to guide your potential customers in a much more relaxed manner.

The sudden demand in the usage of video marketing has inspired more and more business of every segment to incorporate the style of video marketing into their other marketing techniques. The only problem that lies is that when business craft their video content in low quality.

Tell the story you want to convey

According to a study, 65% of marketers believe that various visual assets such as illustrations, audios, videos, and infographics are a necessity for every business that explains your brand story and takes it to your targeted audiences. When you tend to use animation with your business strategies, you get an opportunity to combine animation with fantastic audio, voice-overs, and texts perfectly. Using such an approach help your audiences to consume the information and understand it well.

Make a long-lasting impression

Viewers who watch animated videos tend to remember it for a longer period of time as compared to any textual information. In fact, 58% of the viewer’s tends to retain information as compared to any other form of a strategy used. The reason remains very crisp and clear as animation helps to cater to the brain, thus making a long lasting impression on the customer.

The right side of the brain has the capability of igniting feeling and emotions, and on the other hand, the left side of the brain can quickly turn your thoughts into images, thus allowing the animation to convey with ideologies well.

Animation draws attention

Animation has an excellent potential to make your brand reach its targeted segment of audiences on a global level. For instance, simple information, when represented in the form of graphics or infographics tends to capture the attention of the users quickly and makes them stick for a long period. In this era, people are restless and don’t want to spend much of their precious time reading the information. Animated videos help to bring audio, videos, and action all under one roof.

Final Thoughts!

Simply putting together, animation allows your business to create a long lasting impression on the minds of your targeted audiences that leads to increase in recalling the offerings of your product or services. Animation provides a huge number of advantages for the brands as it is easy to watch, understand and consume by the audiences.

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