Animation is the most powerful tool that allows you to express yourself creatively and innovatively. It gives you an option to communicate your motives and ideas to your potential customers in a much simpler manner as compared to other mediums. The art of 3D character animation helps in spreading and directing your brand message across multiple sectors. Animation has a potential to give life to your beloved characters and animators in this era use number of basic principles such as timing, clear staging, squash & stretch, follow through, etc thus giving a unique identity to the characters they create.

Human beings have crawled upon the earth for a very long time, and since then, we have been fascinated by both art and motion. Ancient cave drawings depict that even the primitive beings would try to give their future generations an illusion of different movements by posing their drawing on various animal sketches.

Talking about the early 1880s or even before the discovery of motion picture camera, photographs were taken in a sequence to make it easy for people to understand the human and animal motion.

Today in this modern technological era, we are surrounded by animation in some or the other ways, be it on movies, televisions or other forms. So, with the technique of animation around us, how do you as a professional animation stand out from the crowd?

Don’t worry; we have a perfect answer to this!

Read on further, to gain some fantastic tips and tricks that you can easily use to enhance your skills of 3D character animation.

So let’s get started with our 3D character animation!

Observing is a must – The Real Life Characters.

Giving the soul to a 3D character animation might seem to be very simple, but it is quite a deal to make. Animator’s deal with subtle nuances that helps to make the character full of emotions that depicts the right feeling and movements like a real human.

Observing the behavior of real human beings, the way they react and how they move around is indeed an essential part, and it’s not only about the motion, but the animator must have a good knowledge of timing and weight.

Understand the psychology of different movements

To honestly portray a human, the very first thing to consider is to understand the various actions of a person, and part from motion, the intention is also the thing to keep in mind. Try to put in some effort to research and observe people around you while you are in the process to create your 3D character animation.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so whatever we do has a purpose behind it, the way humans talk and pose. Such research before giving life to your character help to make it look more real and relatable.

Refer to the real world for illusions

When it comes to animation, it is always a better option to refer to something which is solid! When inducing the work of a voice artist, top animation studios tend to record them and lay their voices for different characters. After the process, the animated video is forwarded to the animators, where they captivate the expression of the actor as they emote.

So to get rid of this long process, while crafting your perfect 3D character animation videos, grab your mirror and repeat the words with emotions.

Save Basic Animations

Once you are done applying the keyframes, main movements and poses to your animated character, such basic features of 3D character animation can be saved for future usage. Always keep in mind to keep your basic animation as a standby as it will help you to save ample of done.

Record yourself

To understand the better movement of a character, you must focus on the movement and to do so, and you can easily record yourself on the camera and do the same steps. Action out the whole scenario by yourself will give you a clear vision on how you can start and end your 3D character animation with. Moreover, you will always have a play, pause, stop and rewind button to get the perfect glance of your reaction.

Lead with the eyes

When you observe people in your day to day life, you might notice that every reaction has a purpose to it. Starting from the eyes, they move where they want to see which is then followed by head and lastly by the neck. The whole body then follows this procedure.

The eyes are the most essential part of drawing attention, especially when we look at someone, so try to highlight the movements of eyes first when you are developing your 3D character animation.

Understand the effect of Gravity

Understating the effects of gravity is a necessity when you are drafting your 3d character animation. As humans age, we all are in the struggle to stay upright, which by time becomes difficult for humans. This is the gravitational pull that has the strength and which is a very significant element of 3D character animation.

For instance, running is a very simple movement, but how much we can cope up with the pace totally depends upon our strength and physical build. If you are thin and tall, you might weigh less.

Final Thoughts!

By incorporating the above-discussed tips and tricks in your 3d character animation, will not only help you save ample of time but also help you to become an expert in the field of 3D Character Animation.

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