All set to craft an alluring animated video for your business website?

Before we tell you exactly how to do so, let’s talk about the most important aspect of animated videos, why crafting an animation is considered as one of the smartest ideas to enhance your business?

Crafting an alluring and informative animation helps your business with:

  • Getting your video content stand out from the crowd – According to a study – a human being can retain 95% of video content, while only 10% of the textual information.
  • Makes you ahead of your rivals – Brands that use the boom of video content grows 49% than those who don’t
  • Helps in getting more social shares, leads and user engagement – Video content tends to get shared 1500% more as compared to text or image-based posts


A 3D product Animation by Viral Marketing Hub

Animated videos provide its users with a medium to engage their targeted audiences and make them familiar about the processes of business, which is indeed a hard part which most of the potential customers deal with!

An animation is precisely a cherry on the homepage of your business website, which helps your visitors to determine their user experience, making it clear that it’s essential for every brand to nail their motives right from the beginning.

Further, in the article, we put together a simple guide to help your business with a simple process to not only create an attractive animated video, that helps to describe your business motives and drives more sales but also to make your animation look more professional!

Let’s get started!

Plan and prepare your Animations beforehand

Planning is indeed one of the most crucial things, but unfortunately, it remains unappreciated while crafting an animated video. When you already have a plan, it helps you to make your video content in a way that automatically separates your content from the standard type of animation.

While you are in your stages to plan your animated content, there are two most important things to focus on:

  1. Your Targeted Audience

  2. Before you begin to prepare for your video content, understand “who are your targeted audiences? “. You need to make sure that you very well understand your audiences as it will help you to craft your animated video accordingly. Great work of animation is those who take the views of their audiences and implements it in their work.

  1. Your Business Goals

  2. The second step for you is to analyze your business goals and objectives! Having a predefined goal before your craft, your animated video helps you to achieve your goals in a better manner. Your goals will help to showcase your animated video a path into a clear direction.

Craft your video script

The other step to emphasize is to write your animated video script. For some of the business writing a script can be quite challenging as compared to crafting an animated video. There are some key points which must be kept in mind before you start writing the script of your animated video content.

  1. Try to address your targeted audiences and write it in a friendly manner
  2. Make sure you attractively explain your business motives, as 20% of your viewers will hop on to the next video content within a span of 10 seconds.
  3. Try to script every word as you want, as it will help you to craft your animation more efficiently.
  4. Always end your animation with a call-to-action button.

Craft starboard for your animated Video content

When you craft a storyboard, it helps you to actually analyze how your animated video will look like after getting completed. You can quickly start the process by identifying the essential elements and scene of your animated video.

Keep in mind that storyboards are just a plan; you need not get into accuracy and detailing. Just be sure that your storyboard is easy to consume and helps you take your animated video in the right direction.

Animate your video!

Now, as you have completed all of your steps with perfection, it’s time for you to convert your ideas into magnificent clips of animation. Try to identify the type of animation styling that you feel might suit best for your animated video. A constant type of styling helps you to give a more dynamic look.

Final Thoughts!

Crafting an animated video is fast and easy, but all you need to do is to plan before you take things further. Remember the above points before you start to craft your animated video content. Use these points and reap the advantages provided by animated videos.

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