Most of the startups can easily relate to the truth that “Growing is tough”! It’s hard for startups to settle for anything less than but growing at an enormous rate. The very survival of every startup depends upon quick tactics the help to generate more revenue. Without getting the desired results, funding for startups might dry up, as every investor wants vast returns on their money. And to get your desired return on investment (ROI) all, you need to have is a bunch of great products and services with a stellar marketing strategy. Apart from these prerequisites, there is one more important element which is hard for any startup to get rid of – Video marketing.

But, why do startups need to use the power of video marketing into their startups?

Well, video marketing has already proved itself as one of the best methods to market your products and services among your potential customers in 2018, and according to various studies, it is expected that video content will contain 80% of the internet traffic by 2020.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

Video marketing has proved as one of the most powerful tools, and it is for good. Human beings are good at learning visually, and all the credit goes to the brain as it prefers images over sensations. Making it easy for businesses to understand that their potential audiences tend to absorb information visually rather than in any form of texts.

Eventually, big companies and startups have realized the significance of this trend of video marketing, thus incorporating this marketing strategy into their business from the very beginning. In the situation of “do-or-die” which many startups might face, producing engaging and alluring video content is the best method which is hard for any startup to overlook.

Though, 80% of the business and startups are crashing upon this strategy of video marketing and getting excellent results. But video marketing alone is not the one who is responsible for all the success, but the creative and innovative minds behind such video content are the main ingredient.

Further, in the article, we have discussed some of the tips and tactics that can help to surge up the success of your startup right from the beginning and that too, without exhausting your resources.

Craft “How-To” videos on YouTube

The one thing that you are pro in is the features and process of your products and services, so why not to show off!

While creating “how –to “videos analyze the pain areas and the actual problems which you want your product to solve. How do your products and services will help your potential customers into their day to day life?

And one of the most crucial points – what are the other ways your products and services can provide value to your potential audiences?

Your how-to videos must answer to all such questions as it provides you with a perfect medium to showcase your expertise and also helps in building trust with your potential customers.

You can quickly post such videos on YouTube; after all, it is the largest platform for all the video content!

Go social – Facebook and other social media platforms are the new tools for your video marketing

Social media platforms can make it harder for startups to reach to their potential customer organically. So if you are eagerly looking forward to making your startup achieve an exponential growth on different social media platforms, video marketing or specific video content is exactly what your startup needs.

A top Facebook marketer explains that “you will eventually get a lot of organic reach on the Facebook business page of yours if you have a video content incorporated in it”

Introduce your startup with the help of a Demo Video and Webinars

Let your potential customers know that you are here to stay! The main motive behind crafting a video content is to create a long lasting impression on the minds of your targeted audiences. As a startup, creating a video content provides you with numerous instant benefits- especially when you create an explainer video.

As an old proverb states that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and according to a study by Forrester Research “video content of 60 seconds is worth 1.8 million words.”

So now you know where to step into!

Use the advantages of – Explainer Videos

It’s good to explain stuff in detail to your potential customers, as it gives them a better understanding of your products and services. One of the best ways through which startups can easily attract a huge slice of targeted audiences is by crafting explainer videos. This recipe is not only for the startups, but big companies are using this video marketing strategy to make their audience aware of their offerings.

For instance, remember the wave created by DropBox, this unique video marketing strategy helped them to enhance their rate of conversions by 10%.

Explainer videos allow you to explain the main features of your business, thus convincing your potential segment of targeted audiences to opt for your business instead of others in the market. The effect of such video content is instant, and you will be surprised to see the results of this video marketing strategy.

Show Off your products and services by building a story

When you tend to release trailers and teasers of your products and services, it helps to stir up the attention and also helps in creating curiosity and suspense among your targeted audiences. According to a recent study, watching a video content of the products gives a sense of confidence to your potential customers.

So show off the key highlights of your products and build a story so that your customers feel as if it was solely made for them.


For every startup to flourish in their industry, it’s essential for them to make their own video marketing strategy that suits their domain. Every company needs to come up with their unique and creative methods to make their business stand out from the crowd. Incorporate the above tips and tricks into your startups and win over the competitors.

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