People who are not much aware of the process of animated explainer videos generally think that this type of video is quite easy to develop. And this is mostly because of the fact that such videos are crisp and clear! But the reality that stands behind the process is very different; production of an animated explainer video is a much-elaborated process.

The animation is one of the most powerful marketing tools that provide you with a medium to explain your product or services in a detailed manner, and that too within a few seconds. In fact, these methods of incorporating animated videos into your digital marketing techniques have proved to be very beneficial for an organization, as it helps to enhance online conversions and sales.

Awesome, isn’t it!

The animation is surrounded by mystery around it, but how does the great idea of bringing things to life on-screen and communicating difficult messages works?

As you move ahead with the article, we have something out of the box for you, as we have gathered some experience into the industry of animated video; we have compiled our knowledge together and crafted this piece of information, so that you can easily understand the step by step process of animated explainer video production.

Let’s get started!

Creative Brief – The Essential part of animated explainer videos

After a brief about your animated explainer videos now we hop on to the very first step that has an idea of what exactly you are looking out for in your final animated explainer video. One must be well aware of the type of audience you are looking forward to addressing. It’s good to sit together and discuss some vital aspects such as your marketing goals, business ideas, etc.

This process plays a huge role in crafting your animated explainer video from scratch.

Script for animated explainer videos

The script is considered as a blueprint for your project! It is the very base for all of your visuals and is regularly referred during the entire process of production. A simple rule for scriptwriting is:

One Page Script = One minute of animation

A good animation script must be short and straightforward, thus giving your targeted audiences an idea of what you want to convey to them within the first few seconds.

The Story Board

Now, as we have our theme, character and styles established we can easily create the storyboards with the help of these assets to showcase how the final animated explainer video might look like on screen. Storyboards play a very vital role in any project as they help in providing the right direction to the production teams. And YES! Client approval is also required before animation gets to roll in.

Style Guides

This process of style guides is easy to incorporate in this digital era that we all are living in, thus making it easier and more efficient for customers as well. These style guides are typically the high-resolution pictures based on the frames of the storyboard. The styles guide revolves around the main assets such as environment, characters, and props. They also include vibrant colors, fonts and overall styling that might be required to craft an animated explainer video.


Every animated explainer video requires voices to narrate the script in the video. It is essential to go with a professional or a native speaker while you are crafting your masterpiece as your targeted audiences might not feel emotionally close or comfortable to hear a voice with a different ascent.

Designs & Illustrations

As soon as all of your previous stages are completed, professional illustrators will draw each and every graphic element which is required in a video.


Once you have completed the task of designing and illustrations, with the help of storyboard, styles frames and voice-over recordings, professional animators are all ready to roll your animated explainer video in motion.

In this step, professional animation is a necessary step to be taken care of, as one needs to make all the characters look human and lively.

Music and Sound FX

The final stage is to insert fantastic music and sound FX to make your animated explainer video fancier. Sound experts will adjust the audio according to the video requirements. This is the time for your music professionals to edit and mix voice-over recording, insert background music and sound FX.

Music and Sounds are as important as the characters in your animated explainer video.

Wrapping Up!

The process is easy, isn’t it! Deciding to include such animated explainer videos into your video marketing strategy can be very intimidating and daunting. But it is one of the most successful ways to keep your audiences engage with your brand and business.

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