A business without a full-fledged explainer video is just like having your business website without a perfect domain name. In this era, only 12% of the companies who are online do not possess explainer videos. And if your company also comes under the same category, then you are sternly selling short of your business offerings! Though it’s only been a few years since the term “explainer videos” came into existence.

But have your every thought about, where did it all begin?

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The Dawn of Explainer Videos

The starting of explainer videos was indeed a natural cycle of progression. Exactly when PowerPoint was emerging as the most powerful “explaining “tool, YouTube came into existence! Consumers finally found a format which was easy yet simpler to understand. People preferred watching a video of 60- 90 seconds rather than wasting their couple of hours reading a document, this eventually paved the way for the most useful ‘ what-is’ and ‘ how-to’ video content that helped in describing different concepts in an easy manner.

Initially, this video marketing strategy was used up by the start-ups who would place their explainer video on their homepage or landing pages, giving their viewers an idea of their company is all about and that too within few seconds! Eventually, this trend of featuring a video on the home page became one of the most successful strategies of the era.

The mission of this technique was very clear and straightforward – explaining the offering of your company in a manner that can be easily understood by your potential segment of audiences.
On November 16, 2009, an organization known as Common Craft suggested Dropbox (now we all know about this well-known company) try something innovative with this trend of –Explainer Videos.

Within a short span of time, it swiftly spurred their growth to 10 million online users and their revenue to 50 million dollars.

Now that’s a MINDBLOWING fact!

At that moment in history, such skyrocketed figures really shook the world! And this small trend wasn’t anymore a trend which anyone would have thought to get rid of; it suddenly became a necessity for every business and brand. Just as the explosion of the internet resulted in developing a website for every company, the boom of video content did the same!

After Dropbox, companies such as Quora and LinkedIn soon stepped into the world of explainer video marketing. But No, we are not ending our story here, in fact, the very first explainer video in an animated format was crafted by Groupon. And, innovating with animation at that era, the animated explainer Groupon Video was a blockbuster. This video eventually became a massive success behind this billion dollar company, as it stands today.

But, where are the Explainer videos going now?

As these explainer videos exist everywhere today, the transaction was quite interesting to watch. This video, which was started for the main purpose of sales, has now expanded its hands to entertainment as well. Companies such as Vox have started to incorporate videos for education purposes, thus educating their targeted group of audiences regarding the wide range of topics.

Soon with this technique, companies started to explain about their processes, launching their products or about the offerings of their organization, thus giving a clear overview to their customers to understand well about the company.

Most of the companies have started to educate people all around the globe, and some of them have also stated to create a series of videos to support this mission.

Let’s walk into the future of Explainer Videos!

If you really want your companies to reach to a significant position in future then right away dip yourself into this exceptional work of video marketing.

Don’t wait for the future, because Future is in our hands!

In recent time’s people are 70% more likely to click or subscribe after watching an excellent informative video. According to a study, 81% of marketers have already started to craft an explainer video for their brand and business as this is one of the most popular and convincing strategies to gather a massive crowd of targeted audiences.

Explainer videos, when incorporated with your content marketing techniques, help to enhance the visibility of your brand, eventually leading to surging up your conversion rates, engaging and captivating more potential audiences. Explainer videos provide you with a perfect pitch to make a grand entrance of your business in the future.

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