Content dominates the world of the internet! In fact, this process is one of the most grinding methods to make your brand a center of attraction of your targeted segment of audiences. Though there is no secret that visual content is indeed one of the most compelling content marketing strategies, to make your content a pleasant cup of tea for everyone is quite challenging.

Many studies have revealed that an individual’s ability to recall the data significantly increases when information is presented in the form of images rather than text.

Moreover, if your brand is looking out for attention, then the best option for you is to step into the world of visual content marketing. According to a study by HubSpot, 32% of the individuals agreed that visuals content is one of the most significant forms of content marketing that helps them to enhance the visibility and the awareness of their business, while blogging remained the second option by 27%.

Images make your content more vibrant, vivid and interesting. Furthermore, visual content is preferred over the text-based content by the social algorithms. Creative and informative images make your text look more appealing and enticing.

Before moving any further with the article, let’s enlighten you up with some interesting stats to make you understand the importance of visual content marketing for your brand and business.

  • Visual assets are preferred by 74% of the marketers in their social media marketing strategies – Social Media Examiner
  • Videos will make up to 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 – Cisco
  • 93% of the marketers concluded that images play a very crucial role to enhance the overall marketing strategy of a business- CMO Council

Further, in the article, we will introduce you to some of the most useful tips and tricks that will play a massive role in infusing aesthetics into your content marketing strategies with various types of visual content.

Informative Info-graphics

Infographic allows the marketer to showcase their data in a format which is creative yet informative. One can easily incorporate charts, images, and statistics into their artwork that helps you to tell your story in a data-driven manner. Infographics also play a huge role in enhancing your brand’s visibility and dominance.

Mostly a readymade template is available to create your infographic, but before you start, with your work, it is always a better option to watch out the trending statistics and creates an easy to understand infographics.

Creative Explainer Videos

According to a study by Hub Spot, video content alone has surpassed the method of blogging as an asset of Social media marketing. People love to watch informative and entertaining content; many features have also incorporated into various social media platforms such as:

  1. Live –Video feature
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Live action wen series
  4. Slideshows

Creating video content is not as tough as it might sound; one can easily pick up their smartphones and start to record their creativity, client testimonials, process videos, etc. Video content helps you to engage your potential customers to your website, thus making it one of the aptest mediums for you to make your targeted segment stick to your brand.

This method is cost effective and helps your brand to get immediate reorganization and popularity.

Memes –don’t forget!

Memes are the best way to add a dash of humor to your branded content. Memes can be easily created using different templates in a free to use the software, and you are totally ready to share some moments of humor with your potential customers. In fact, sharing a meme can also help you to maintain your brand’s consistency and visibility.


GIF’s are the perfect medium to engage and entertain your audiences. GIF’s are very simple they are the combination of 2-3 images that create a micro video. You can even add a bit of humorous text to spice up your GIF.

GIF’S helps you to convey your motive and story in a very span of time. This type of content is quite unique, thus attracting many eyeballs to your website.

A best and convincing way that help you attract tons of social media followers.

Product Images / Videos

Ever came across the Instagram account of your favorite brands, while scrolling through your favorite brand you might have seen that apart from posting the picture of their product, they use the feature of highlighting their story and even put live-video, so as to make their targeted segment more aware of their new offerings.

Every picture has a different story to tell and a unique style for their customers.

Instagram Highlight

Instagramers love stories and highlights. This feature allows you to showcase your product or services to your targeted segment in the form of video content. This feature of Instagram has already crossed over 500 billion active users on a monthly basis. Marketers can use their creativity and play around to craft more interesting video content.


If you are looking forward to educating your B2B audiences, then an old presentation might be a good idea. While you create your presentation, make sure to revolve it around your audience’s pain-points. Content marketers also have an option to upload their company’s presentation to slide share, thus embedding it on their websites.

Wrapping Up!

Visual content helps to communicate your brand to your customers. It helps in distinguishing your brand from the others. Marketers must incorporate different strategies to get their customers glued to their brand. Such techniques ensure uniformity in the usage of colors, fonts, and logos. Work hard and smart to make your visual content marketing appealing after all, “Content is king”.

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