There is no secret behind the fact that animated videos are one of the most substantial marketing methods available in this modern digital era. And the reason is quite clear as animated videos help to enhance user engagement, thus plays a significant role in driving more growth as compared to any other modes.

However, you can only procure the advantages of video marketing if your animated videos are crafted properly. This doesn’t mean that you need to expand your budget vastly, but all you need to do is to pen down your thoughts and ideas and start planning your video script.

Good animated videos can only reach the levels of success if they are crafted using a good script. You might have world-class visuals, but a weak script will impair your animated videos, making it monotonous and boring for your targeted audiences. Unfortunately, many brands tend to underestimate the power of script writing.

But, why the script of animated videos matters so much?

Animated videos provide you with a clear and concise medium to communicate your ideas, thoughts, and motives to your potential customers, thus reducing the chances of misinterpreting among your customers. The basic idea behind is that visual and audio channels are consumed separately by a human brain, so when you present the information simultaneously by way of voice-overs and on-screen images – the absorption of information is fast and with ease.

A sharply written script determines the success of your animated videos as it helps to involve both the audio and visual components.

Describing a detailed or complex concept is very hard, especially for the people who are not much aware of the same. Refining the concept, making it easy to understand, narrating it in the form of an engaging medium, showing off the qualities of your brand, delivering it in the form of a strong takeaway and that too within a limited word count- is some kind of sorcery!

Fortunately, we are aware of the ingredients that are much needed to craft your script of animated videos. If you are eagerly looking forward to writing your script of animated videos from scratch or wondering about remodeling your current script, then follow this step by step guide to make your script of animated videos look more alluring.

How to Write a Good Explainer Video Script for your Animated Videos?

But, first – The basics!

Before we start with anything, let’s be very clear to keep it as simple as possible! As you begin to plan and write your script, it becomes quite easy for you to jot down your innovative and creative ideas, after all, it’s your animated videos, and you can craft it in the way you want, but make sure to work according to your budget!

Where to start?

There are many stages where you can easily write a simple script which is both overwhelming and informative for the audiences. To make it simpler, let’s start with a “Brief”.

The brief of your animated videos script helps to identify the primary objective, targeted audiences, type of animation style and your video message. This step is very crucial as it helps in providing your animated video with an accurate direction to move further.

Much time and effort must be invested to gather the particulars as your animated videos are crafted with a purpose to reach out to your targeted audiences on a global level. The learning objective of your animated videos must be apparent and concise.

Jot Down!

While crafting a script for your animated videos, there is always a limitation as you need to work according to the word limit. The best length described for animated videos is 90 seconds, making it quite clear that one must try to put in their best effort within the first 10 seconds of your video.

Now you might wonder “my product is so great, but it’s going to be next to impossible to explain it within the first 10 seconds?”

The script for your animated videos gives you a very first chance to explain about your highlights of the product. Never try to provide all the information about your products within the first few seconds, craft it in such a way that your audience are curious enough to learn more about the same.

Let’s figure out, how to outline your script of animated videos with respect to the word count:

  • 45 seconds – 90-110 words
  • 60 seconds – 120-170 words
  • 90 seconds – 200-250 words
  • 2 minutes – 250-300 words

Create your story for Animated Videos!

When the basic outline of your script is ready, the next step to do is to create your story with your imagination and creativity. Try breaking different scenarios in your script.

A script with Characters

A script for your animated videos is further categorized into three necessary acts. The very first act introduces your customers to the tome and the set-up of your script. The second act makes you familiar with the problems that your potential customers might be dealing with. And the third one is the resolution.

Every script is different from others, but we can surely use this technique to make the animated videos look more creative, engaging and different.

A script without a character

At times we might have come across various animated videos that tend to explain different facts and that too without any character. The primary source of user engagement lies in the design of the animated video. Such animated videos just need a bit of visualization bundled up with creativity and innovation.

Draft your Script!

There is an old proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but you are going to craft a bunch of animated videos which will surely be worth a million words. Try to make your script in a way which makes your ideas and motives very clear in front of your targeted audiences. If you think, it’s not working, re-do the hard work to get the best results from your animated videos. Make sure to craft your script in a way which is plain, conversational and easy to consume.

Final Thoughts!

Animated videos for sure provide you with the right medium to make you sell your products and services. Before you start crafting your animated videos, make sure to work well on the script as it is the heart and soul of your video. Your script is the essence of the way your animated videos will look like when ready. When you focus on writing a clear and concise script, it automatically helps your message to reach to your potential customers.

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