At this moment, we are not being overdramatic, but all we know is that having a well-planned marketing strategy is something very essential for a business. In fact, video marketing is one of the major trends of 2K19. Consumer engagement with video content is much higher than compared to any other form of content; moreover video content is even more accessible than ever, and all the credit goes to the smartphones and faster internet. Every brand and business can easily benefit and enhance their return on investment (ROI) by crafting – Explainer videos.

According to Dan Patterson, Human beings have an excellent level of visuals that helps them to powerfully capture the moving images thus helping them to find the meaning behind them as video content helps to conceptualize the atmosphere around us quickly. But how can a business use a video to enhance the visibility of their business?

The answer is right in front of you by using – Explainer videos into their marketing strategy.

Explainer videos provide you with a perfect medium to attract your potential visitors to your business website. These explainer videos allow you to give your new users a rundown of the exclusive offerings of your products and services and that too within a span of a few minutes.

According to research by Nielson Training and Consulting Group, a visitor on an average spends around 10-20 seconds on a website just in case if they don’t find your website attractive enough. This means that the first ten seconds of your website is quite critical as the further user engagement will directly be dependent upon the same. With such a short span of time, it’s hard for any brand to rely on texts and graphics only!

This is where the role of explainer videos comes into play; you can easily make your existing and new user stay on your website for a more extended period by integrating an explainer video on your website showcasing your ideas, motives and value propositions.

To know more about the explainer videos, refer to: Explainer Videos and SEO: A Great Marketing Duo

If you are eagerly looking forward to enhancing the online presence of your website, explainer videos are the legendary choice to make.

Don’t believe us?

Here are the proofs to why you must incorporate explainer videos in your business website as trust me they are worth the cost!
Let’s dive in then!

Explainer videos Increase your rate of conversions

According to a survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of the buyers feel more confident about buying a certain product or services when they see explainer videos accompanying the same. Explainer videos not only help in building an accurate tally of the number of visitors to the website but also provides you with a medium to enhance the online visibility of your business on a global level. Most businesses and brands count their sales manually to keep a check of their most preferred type of products or services, but incorporating explainer videos on your business website helps you to easily keep track of the total number of viewers interested in your video.

Explainer videos Help to clarify the purpose of your business

Texts can be very tricky for anyone to understand as you never know how the other person might interpret your ideas and objective. Explainer videos make it easy for business and brands to convey their feeling and emotion straight to the consumer without any problem. With the help of such explainer videos, you give your potential customers a better understanding of your business objectives. Such videos play a huge role in connecting audiences with the brands, thus explaining them a reason of why must they choose your brand among others.

Explainer videos make your website rank better on Google search

Frankly speaking, websites which are stale don’t work on Google. In fact, websites with endless pages of blocked text and pictures also tend to rank low on Google searches. Moreover, such a website even scares away your potential customers who might be looking forward to buying the product or services offered by your company. Mostly your potential buyer will take less than a minute to grab the opportunity to buy your offerings, but incorporating an explainer video in your business website will help them to make their decision within seconds.

Explainer videos are the best mode to make your audiences retain the information

On average, a normal human is able to retain only 10% of the things they hear; on the contrary, they can retain 50% of the information if consumed visually.

So what does this fact mean to your brand?

If you make your potential customer watch explainer videos about the offering of your products and services they will be able to retain the information for a longer duration of time.

Showcase your personality

The most important thing that makes your customer comes back to your business the personality of your brand. It is very important for a consumer to put a face to the name, and the scenario turns out to be very essential when you are dealing with an online business. Online business has no or very little contact with the consumer, thus to gain the trust of the consumer, such practices are very much required.

Incorporating explainer videos not only helps to gain popularity on a global level but helps to enhance the trust of your consumer on your brand.

Final thoughts!

Explainer videos do have a huge fan base on a global level; people of every age segment loves to watch a video as they provide a lot of information within a span of a few minutes. Explainer videos are crisp, clear and concise that helps to engage your potential customer base for a more extended period of time. By explainer videos, you don’t give your potential base an excuse to skip or being bored by your websites.

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