It wouldn’t be an overstatement to state that animation in this modern digital world is one of the most dynamic and the fast flourishing industry. Though in the earlier times animation was only associated with the industry of entertainment, now the tables have turned, and this high powered technique has made its way to other sectors as well such as education, architecture, engineering, medicine, marketing, advertisements, etc.

Animation such as motion graphics and hybrid animations have gradually emerged as one of the fastest ways to provide a medium to convey different ideas and motives to your targeted audiences. This technique has the potential to explain the most complicated and complex topics in an engaging way.

With the large demand and continuous evolution in the industry, the processes have become a lot simpler and less complicated as compared to the other traditional methods.

Animation has come a long way from using different flipbooks and various orthodox techniques to using different software.

As stated above, animation has made its way successfully into various industries, and every segment is using the boon of this technique, there are some latest trends of this year which when incorporated in a right manner can help your animated videos capture a considerable slice of audiences. It would undoubtedly be a mistake for any industry to ignore them.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most essential animation trends that one must look out for.

Let’s dive in!

3D Animation combined with Retro & Vintage

To make the animated content look fresh and distinctive, animators look out for a style from past so as to get inspiration for the new. One of the most popular trends of the ’60s is a water-based style of painting which includes dry brushing and uses of color layers. The other style of animation which has started to become popular in this digital era is called the retro-futurism. This style makes perfect use of sci-fi in the late ’70s and ’80s. Retro-futurism includes high use of pixelated digital elements and lush lightening effects that helps to create characters and locations both in retro and sci-fi style.

Whiteboard Animation

Talking about whiteboard animation – it’s not new; moreover, this type is considered as one of the oldest forms. Today the use of whiteboard animation has become widespread in the industry of marketing as it is easy to use and powerful tools associated with whiteboard animation makes it easy for the newbies as well. This trend contains a lot of potentials and will continue to grow for the next couple of years.

Whiteboard animation can be used by the industries that are looking forward to educating their potential segment of targeted audiences with the help of explainer videos.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics have started to gain popularity among marketers. There are various software’s available that helps to create different intermediately positions, which further form a movement of illusions. This makes the object in the moving position instead of swapping the positions on the screen.

The main advantage of using motion graphics is that this type of animation is not pure cartoon based and can use various kind of human-like characters, imagery or infographics. Motion graphics make your masterpiece look vibrant, alluring and informative.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Though technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have been around us for quite a while, it’s been some couple of years that animators have started to use this technology while crafting their animation videos for mainstream purposes. Large companies have begun to invest in this technology, like augmented reality and virtual reality hold a lot of potential within them. This technology requires considerable expertise and investment.

This technology helps to create fascinating and immersive stories and have a lot of power to bring a lot of your potential customers to your business. Use the technique of augmented and virtual reality and become a trendsetter in your industry.

Animated Web Series

Animated web series is one of the most popular trends which are appreciated by the audience. This strategy has gained a lot of popularity in the past five years, and this is also getting more and more available for users all over, as they are gradually shifting their sphere from entertainment to advertising segment. Many businesses and brands these days have started to create an animated web series that helps to endorse their products or services. Such an amusing and compelling animated series are the perfect way to gather huge customer attention and also makes your potential customer glued to your business.

Hybrid Super realism

Hybrid Super Realisms is a fantastic trend that is making the full use of CGI technology and its style. The styling used in hyper super realism is basically a perfect combination of photorealistic elements with amazing imagery that helps you to create your world of imagination and action.

Final Thoughts!

The technology of animation is evolving at an alarming rate, and this must be used by industries to gain their desired return on investment (ROI). Various animation technologies such as 360-degree videos are on the way to make a mark in this industry of animation. Usages of these strategies may vary from industry to industry, but the main highlight is that animation contains a lot of potential within it. Use the boon of animation and adopt the new trends!

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