Animation is something which is much more than just movies and cartoons. Its use in today’s modern era has evolved at a rate that directly influences the ROI (Return On Investment) for numerous brands and businesses. In this scheme of various promotional activities and brandings, if there is one technique that can help you to capture the attention of your potential segment of targeted audiences- Animation is the key to do so. If you strictly follow the market indications, the business that uses animation in their marketing techniques is much more benefitted than those who don’t use the method of animation.

Numerous business have already understood the significance of animation in their business and that the pace at which these brands are touching heights of success is quite commendable, and all the credit goes to – Animation.

Just in case if your business is not one of them, then this piece of information is an excellent way for you to understand the significance of animation. It was first started as multiple hand-drawn figures which were gradually replaced by the revolution of computer, thus making this technique less time consuming and monotonous. But later this technology was transformed, and all the credit goes to the – CGI.

Using various techniques to establish the presence and visibility of the brand and business helps to ease up the process of market penetration, thus surges up your sales graph and also helps your brand in customer retention.

There are various types of animation that can be easily used in the world of computer graphics, which a business can easily integrate, and some of them are as follows:

Traditional Animation

Traditional animation allows you to create numerous sequential hand-drawn pictures which are screened together to create the illusion of different movements. This technique is mostly used by various advertisement companies.

2D Animation

2d animation and traditional animation are quite similar to each other, but the only thing that differentiates both from each other is that the production of images is done with the help of a computer. The pictures that are generated with the help of the computer are more accurate and precise.

3D Animation

3D Animation helps to give your images a look and feel, which is realistic and are crafted in a three-dimensional environment with the help of different animation techniques. It is quite expensive as compared to other techniques of animation.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are best if you are looking forward to various multimedia projects. Motion graphic is the combination of text and images perfectly blended together with the help of animation that creates the illusion of multiple movements. Motion graphics are the perfect strategy to compel your potential audience to your business website.

Stop Motion Animation

In stop motion animation, pictures are captured in a sequential manner with the desired object placed at different positions, so when such video is played it eventually creates an illusion of motion.

Advantages of Using Animation in your Business

  1. Conveys your message – QUICKLY!
  2. In this era, the attention span of humans is decreasing day by day and within the timespan of a few seconds it quite hard for business and brands to communicate their ideas and motives to their potential audiences. When you incorporate the technique of animation with vibrant colors and different characters, it becomes easy for your brand to capture the attention of your audience, thus making them stay for longer on your business website.

  1. Educate your audiences while entertaining them
  2. Whenever we hear about animation, all we understand is fun and entertainment. This is also the actual motive of every business behind their every animated video. People tend to learn about different things with the help of animation as it is educating and entertaining both at the same time. Furthermore, there is no limit to creativity; one can easily use their innovative and creative ideas to educate their targeted audiences about their offerings.

  1. Influences the buyer’s decision
  2. Animation videos are considered as the strongest medium that can affect the decision of your buyer reading the product. Such animated videos not only boost up your branding but also helps to convert your viewers into your potential customers. Moreover, a brand which is much more familiar to the audience automatically gets higher preference by them.
    Animation automatically is self-sufficient when it comes to conveying your motives and ideas in the form of text and images.

  1. Boost search rankings
  2. Animated videos and creative pictures are the life of any website and also the most significant reason because of which viewers stick for a longer period to your business website. Animation is much more engaging and entertaining as compared to any other form.

  1. Easy to share
  2. Animated videos are not only a great medium to educate but also a great medium to have fun. Animated videos always carry an element of surprise that everyone wants to share with their peers. The share and likes on these videos help in sharing it with people on a global level, thus creating a long lasting impression on your targeted audiences.

Final Thoughts!

Animation is all about innovation and creativity! This is the medium that has no limit, and you can use your creativity in any way you want and educate your audience about your business. Use the boon of animated videos and enhance the visibility of your business globally.

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