The world is already aware of the power of video content on the internet; moreover, Facebook alone gets on an average of 8 billion views every day, and so does YouTube. YouTube is the world’s leading platform for video content, has helped many people globally to become national superstars!

At this point of time, video content being the most preferred type of online content brings out no surprise to people. In fact, a study predicted by Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, states that by the year 2020, the video content traffic will comprise 82% of the entire internet traffic.

You might have already heard about other numerous options available to publish and promote your long-form video content on various platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live. But, now there is another brand new option available –IGTV.

Recently in June 2018, Instagram released a feature of its own for long-form video content. As Instagram stories allow people to post their short video content or a 30 seconds video clip, but with IGTV, users can quickly post their long form, vertical video content, either on Instagram or within the IGTV mobile application.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is the application created by Instagram that allows its users to make their video content vertical and in the long form style. Unlike other Instagram stories that can be only 10 minutes, IGTV video content can easily be extended up to 60 minutes for all the verified and popular users. IGTV video content is specifically designed to be consumed on a mobile device.

Apart from these advantages, IGTV is loaded with a number of other benefits as well as compared to other video platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

  • IGTV at this moment doesn’t have advertisements
  • IGTV video content is specifically for mobile consumption
  • The video content recorded on IGTV is vertical so users can easily get rid of hassle to rotate their phone each time they watch a video
  • Vertical videos are easy to record and upload as well, but editing such videos can be quite a deal to make

As everything eventually is moving towards portability and flexibility, the time might come when PC’s will only be used by gamers!

In the modern generation of smartphones, IGTV has stepped into the competition, and it is succeeding at an astonishing rate. IGTV is taking the world of Mobile Marketing to a whole new sphere. In fact, this new wave made by IGTV was loved so much that it soared the stocks of Facebook by 2.7% on the launching day.

With time, eventually, brands and businesses have started to realize the potential behind this huge platform, but still, some businesses haven’t realized the real importance of this video platform.

For such business and brands who haven’t started with the new IGTV, here is a comprehensive walkthrough to enlighten you up with the advantages your business can get out of this new Instagram.

Enhance your reach to new audiences with your previous video content

IGTV provides its users with an opportunity to reuse their popular previous video content and mold it in a new form for new audiences. You can make use of your previous YouTube and Facebook videos into the vertical format. Little tips and tricks are always the best options for sharing your old blog or article into IGTV.

Just in case you have your old videos shot horizontally, you need to edit them in a vertical format so that can be used in your IGTV profile.

Once you start with this ritual of IGTV, make sure to observe the reaction of your audiences on long-form video content. With the help of such data, you can easily add on other useful videos to enhance your brand’s story.

Deliver your “HOW-TO” video content by explaining the process of your products

Brands and businesses have started to integrate their “HOW-TO” video into the IGTV to showcase to their targeted audiences the working and mechanism of their products and services. Informational video content is always used as the best medium to introduce your brand to targeted audiences.

To take your video content to a whole new level, try to make your targeted audience’s area of your business offerings and teach them the whole mechanism of the same. No matter your “how-to” video content is regarding a makeup tutorial, fitness classes or a cooking demonstration, such video always helps you to maintain your library of videos.

Host Webinars and QA sessions with your targeted audiences

When you answer the questions of your audience, it helps to make sense of credibility among your people, and it is also considered as one of the most fantastic ways to enhance the user engagement while providing the useful information. When you start hosting webinars and Q&A, it makes your poetical customers trust and believes in your business
The best way via which you can easily host a Q&A session is by collecting the most asked questions and answering them in forint of your people, thus putting your video content on IGTV.

Build your Niche with your exclusive type of Video Content

Sharing your exclusive video content with your potential viewers helps you to build up a dedicated army of viewers on IGTV. When you provide your customers with a regular dosage of video content, it helps to build an emotional relationship between them and your business.

The video content that you can share can be behind the scenes, production, etc.

The best thing about these videos is that you need not put in your efforts to edit them, as audiences love to watch a content that is raw and authentic. You can also use other video content options, such as personal interviews, social gatherings, company events, etc.

Final Thoughts!

There are many video platforms available, but to understand the pros and cons of the new platform such as IGTV can be a bit tricky! When you tend to integrate new things to your techniques, try to observe it closely as by measuring the actual attributes of your video content such as retention rates and averages views, you can quickly gain a better understanding of your business success on IGTV.

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