Digital marketing trends go back and forth every year, but some of the trends tend to be a part of our daily marketing strategies. Looking around, you might notice such strategical trends making a huge impact on our day to day lives, and one of them is the video content marketing strategy.

People all across the globe have used video content marketing at an alarming rate. With 80% of the users watching an explainer video to be pretty confident enough about buying a product or a service and 50% of the people actively use a video to research about the brand so as ensure the credibility.

By this, you can conclude why video content marketing has started to become a necessity for digital marketers in recent years.

According to a study by Cisco, 82% of total consumer online traffic will consist of a video by 2021. In fact, Wyzowl concluded that 83% of digital marketers agreed that video marketing enhanced their Return on Investment, while 94% of the brands found videos as a revolutionary marketing tool for their business.

Simply put together, video content marketing is hard for any brand or business to overlook!

And if you are still not using this revolutionary strategy as a part of your content marketing technique, then you might be missing out on a big part.

So beginning with the very first question that comes in your mind!

What is Video Content Marketing, and how can this technique enhance your SEO in 2k19?

Similarly, like content marketing, video content marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques that prefers the needs and the wants of the consumer first, which helps to enhance the customer action thus making huge profits out of it.

Video content marketing is about understanding how brands can incorporate video content into every medium and stage of their digital marketing strategies.

The primary focus of video content marketing is to provide your potential customers with a video content which is captivating, entertaining and engaging.

Further, in the article, we will shed some light on the essential aspects of video content marketing that can help you to enhance your SEO in 2019.

So let’s get started!

Video Content is Traffic Generating Machine

While determining the search rankings for a website, Google looks at the amount of traffic which is coming to your website. If your website has a huge amount of footfall every day, it means that they are coming for a specific reason and other people who are following the similar searchers will for sure find your content interesting.

Individuals are more likely to visit your brand by watching an enjoyable, interactive video, either on YouTube or on social media platforms. Making it one of the most prominent reasons why B2B and B2C business have started to incorporate the technique of video content marketing strategy into their website.

More the number of video content you craft for your website more will be the relevant traffic that will come to your website, thus enhancing your overall SEO.

Mobile optimization

Almost 85% of internet consumers browse through their smart devices, making it important for every brand and business to optimize their website for the mobile. According to a study of 2018, internet traffic via mobile devices was 51% and is expected to grow at an alarming rate.

Video content is easy to watch rather than reading the text on small devices, thus being a good brand; you must look after the needs of your consumers so that it becomes easy for them to explore your website.

Incorporate Metadata

You can easily optimize different pages of your website by incorporating Meta descriptions, Meta titles, Meta tags, etc. Adding Metadata to your video content will also enhance the rankings of your website as different search engines use metadata to find out about your video and rank it accordingly.

Including Metadata in your video content in the form of titles, descriptions make it easy for different search engines to analyze it. The procedure of putting up the Metadata is easy, simple and less time-consuming.

Share your video content on different social media channels

When you share your video content on different social media channels such as Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, it will help you to determine most engaging video.

Sharing video content on different social media channels is a trend, which is hard to fade away quickly. Remember, the more the engagement your video content creates, more will be the SEO ranking of your website.

Motivate your users to comment and like

Talking about increasing the engagement and interaction of your potential customers to your website, motivating them to comment and like your video is considered as one of the most effective ways.

You can easily do that by adding a Call to action button on your captivating video, such methodologies will not only enhance the popularity of your video content but will also play a crucial role in improving your SEO rankings.

Wrapping Up!

Video content marketing provides you with a great medium to enhance the growth of your brand online. One advantage of investing your precious time into video content marketing is that it requires fewer efforts, but in return improves your SEO

With the tips we discussed above, you can easily enhance the performance of your website on Google. Addition of unique and informative video content helps your website to build contextual links, thus creating the web pages which are appreciated by Google.

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