The algorithms of social media platforms have already evolved and are still evolving. The main purpose of this evolution is to produce high-quality content that helps to drive meaningful user engagement. For instance, Facebook highlights the type of content which helps in driving conversation and user engagement, while Instagram prioritizes engagement and timelines. Similarly, LinkedIn tries to pick up the most relevant content for every user, while Twitter makes it a priority that you don’t miss any of the best tweets.

In fact, according to a study by Moz 2016, 75% of the total content viewed didn’t receive any social shares.

Disappointing, isn’t it?

It is almost impossible to predict the type of content that will become popular week after week. Trends come in with a bang and fade out with a blink of an eye as events change on a daily basis.

But what if I tell you that we have a perfect solution to this!

Seasonal marketing ideas – if used in the right manner helps you to catch the wave to predict trends. The key to predicting successful season content is –Timing! Apart from the right timing, the other crucial element is to get relevant views, thus driving relevant traffic to your website.

Let’s read further, to understand the significance of using seasonal trends to enhance your content strategy.

Seasonal marketing trends are a great booster if you are looking forward to enhancing the visibility of your website. Many organizations encourage this strategy as it helps to drive interest at the strategic points.

To get a hold on such priorities, one must never forget the two types of seasonal trends.

Standard Trends

    1. Holiday based trends:

New Year, Christmas, Easter, they are the best way to take advantage of such seasonal interests.

    1. Time –based Trends

Some trends are made to occur year after year. For example, going back to school or the college convocation.

    1. Event-based trends

The annual conference of your company or the Oscars.

Such events can be smoothly planned a year ahead and are commonly known as predictable trends.

Unpredictable Trends

Unpredictable tends, fluctuate and are most closely related to the current events. One needs to be very quick to implement this strategy as it helps to create a powerful impact. One needs to be very careful as a smart and funny post about an event can get you a lot of business while a misplay, can make you look like an ignorant organization.

Wrapping Up!

Being a marketer means to discover innovative and creative ways to capture the attention of your audience. The strategy of seasonal trends and events not only help you to organize your content calendar but will also help you to craft the most suitable content for your readers.

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