Are you aware of the fact that more than half of the video content is viewed on mobile devices! Integrating digital videos in your e-commerce business strategies helps your relevant customers stay on your website for a longer period. Thus boosting up your organic credibility and enhancing the conversion rate of your business.

According to the statistics, 90% of the users admitted to the fact that watching a video gave them an assurance to make an online purchase, while 64% of them confessed that they will buy a product online after watching a video.

Customers are more likely to buy your product or services if they can see and understand how it works and why are other users raving about it. Though digital videos might seem like a huge investment, all your efforts and hard work are worth it. In fact, by 2020 it is projected that videos will make up to 80% of all internet traffic. Thus, making it a necessity for every business segment to hop into this digital pie!

So just in case if you are planning to step into the world of E-commerce, you have stumbled upon the right place. It’s hard to make a mark in this competitive market of E-commerce, but there are certainly some tips and tricks that you cannot afford to ignore.

Further, in the article, we will read about how one must include digital videos in their strategies for their E-commerce business to engage their relevant customers and enhance their online sales.

Short Marketing Videos

It’s not important to make your marketing videos using a professional camera. In fact, in today’s technological era high-quality marketing videos can be easily made using your smartphones or a computer.

You can easily incorporate common FAQ’s that your new customers might ask, or you can even tell your customers about the uniqueness of your brand. You can plan your short videos with an offer, script, and plan for where you are looking forward to pitching your customers. Authentic and precise digital videos help your brand to get potential customers.

Product / Service Tutorials

Your potential and current users both might benefit from the product or service tutorial videos. This platform gives you the advantage to make your users understand how your product or service works.

Animated Product Videos

If you want to skip the part of an actor in your video, then animated videos might be the best option for your brand. You can easily hire an animator to create an animated video which is interactive, innovative and colorful.

Product Manual or Installation Video

No one wants to waste their precious time, by reading and understanding the working of your product; instead, they want a way out where all of their queries can be quickly answered. An installation video helps your users to understand your product in an easier manner and that too within a few minutes. You can easily explain the advantages and disadvantages of your product. Creating a video that revolves around the question of your users is one of the best techniques to enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), thus driving more traffic on your E-commerce platform.

Testimonials & Product Review

Video testimonials help your viewers get convinced about the credibility of your brand. Customers are always in search of the product which is genuine and authentic, and such video testimonials help to enhance the trust of your users.

Live Videos for Facebook and Instagram

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram gives you an opportunity to put your video on living and share it in real time with your potential customers. One can simply log into their accounts and use their feature, one can not only talk to their audiences, but they can even share the same video on other platforms as well.

Story-Based Videos

Story based videos for marketing is considered as the most effective type of marketing strategy. Such videos not only help in describing your product and services, but it also helps in creating a narrative storyline which helps in enhancing the user engagement. With the help of story-based videos, you get the upper hand in creating a long lasting impression on your potential customers.

Wrapping Up!

Video marketing strategies help you to describe your product in a way which is easy to understand, and that is the main element which every brand looks out for. Before incorporating your video marketing strategies, remember to have a plan of how you can present your video in front of your customers. Practicing such techniques helps your brand to generate the best Return on Investment (ROI) via online sales on your E-commerce platform.

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