As a digital marketer, you might be familiar with the warning regarding the different marketing techniques for the upcoming generation – The Gen Z, whether you call them “The iGeneration” or “Digital Babies” these people are penetrating into the gigantic landscape of the corporate world. Born in 1995 and later, this generation has already started to play a significant role in society. As a tech-savvy generation, they don’t bother to check their emails; they have the attention span of a gnat, which automatically means that marking to them is always a challenge. After all, right from the beginning, they have been raised with different smart devices in their hands, and this world of information is actually at their fingertips.
Social media, on the other hand, is defining presence in most of the lives of the Gen Z people. This has started to drive other latest trends into the fields of marketing and commerce. Brands have begun to prioritize to act more like a human, rather than acting like a carefully scripted statement.

People of this generation have numerous options available than ever before in terms of what to buy and how to buy. Business and brands must future-proof their services by giving priority to Gen Z into their different social media techniques for 2019. Convince them by answering the question, “Why must they choose your brand over others?” and you will surely have a devoted crowd of the next significant generation of users.

Further, in the article, we will introduce you to several ways with which you can play to this generation’s preferences as you craft your new messages and campaigns.

Video marketing is the next big thing – Invest more in this method

The launch of Facebook Live in 2016 and IGTV in 2018, guarantees that video content is indeed the future of the internet. According to a report, Gen Z watches 68 videos per day on an average and that too on five different platforms. YouTube ranking the highest followed by Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

The key to stepping into this viewership is to understand the platform correctly and then investing in the appropriate kind of videos and other distribution channels. Businesses must understand how to make video content work so as to educate their potential audiences about their brand, products, and services.

Brands tend to educate their customers via Q&A, webinars, explainers, and demonstrations, but even the most accessible information can turn out to be useless if the delivering medium is monotonous. This turns out to be true for the short video, especially which is only meant to target Gen Z.

Before you start to create a video for Gen Z, make sure your video is clearly answering these questions.

  1. What is the purpose of your video?
  2. Will your video be able to capture the viewer’s emotion experience?
  3. Explains your brand well

Gen Z believes in supporting the brand with causes. Social media is flooded with numerous social causes, to sync with the feeling of your potential customers. You just cannot step back to support such issues. Select the topic you want to highlight, make new hosts and guests talk about them in your videos.

Such strategies will not only help you to capture your Gen Z’s attention but also help to make a difference in this society.

Be authentic

Individuals of not only Gen Z but of all generations are eventually getting exposed to more of brand messaging then they can understand what to do. Smart devices have integrated the culture of being constantly connected. Gen Z was also raised in this culture, which makes it very easy for every brand to understand why this generation is predominant as compared to that of others. Different brands and business must understand the importance of “Authenticity” on every social media platform. Else, they are at risk of losing potential sales and audiences.

Gen Z mostly believes in recognition of the brand which helps them to make a purchase in a better way as compared to the millennial counterparts. It is crucial for businesses to create an authentic and transparent relation which the Gen Z segment.

The epitome of Visual branding -Instagram

Instagram is considered as an embodiment of visual branding in this modern technological era. Comparing the three major platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), Instagram is the best platform among Gen Z, thus helping in shifting the attention towards the importance of visuals.

Brands which are eagerly looking forward to connecting with the Gen Z segment must know to engage them with their brand. Instagram provides you with a natural pairing for some business such as clothing and food.

Wrapping Up!

Now you know the tactics to structure your social media campaigns to capture the attention of your Gen Z segment. Every generation comes with some alterations in the advancements and the practices, which is a necessity for a brand to incorporate. Structure your strategies in a way and observe a difference.

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