You might have heard by now you must put your steps into the field of video marketing, but what is video marketing? Why must you incorporate this technique into your digital marketing strategy? And how can you get started using this perfect content marketing strategy for your business?

Video marketing in the present marketing world is the buzz for companies in every segment.

Are you aware of the statistics yet?

If No, then get ready to be awestruck by the effects of this amazing marketing strategy!

  • 45% of the users watch a video for more than an hour, either on YouTube or Facebook per week.
  • 4X users prefer to watch a product video rather than spending their precious time reading about it.
  • 43% of user loves to watch video content as compared to other marketing techniques.

Video content is one of the easiest ways through which your videos can be consumed on a daily basis. Incorporating this technique into your video marketing initiatives, starting from email marketing to your social media marketing, blogs, articles, website content and more, is an efficacious way to grab everything from your user engagement to click through, sales and even more…

Further, in the article, we have crafted a framework to help you to understand where one must prioritize their efforts, when it comes to crafting their videos for their video marketing strategy, and the type of video one must start with to enhance their brand’s visibility and awareness.

Let’s dive in then!

Make it a part of your company’s “CULTURE.”

Video marketing is a priority, and to get your team ready for the process is quite a deal to make in the beginning. The end product is always the team’s effort and your video content cannot be something to what you are already doing in your company.

Every video needs to be crafted in a certain flow when you are doing marketing of your brand – which means it is supposed to be a part of your culture.

The best way to start your video marketing is by involving your team of creative and innovative thinkers and start with your creative process.

Start by using short videos on your different social media platforms, followed by on other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Indulging into such activities is very beneficial as when your employees are the part of such videos it brings a sense of ownership within them regarding the company’s brand. They became a public figure and the representatives of the company on–screen.

Video is not only used for Content marketing – must be used by all the departments to optimize touch points

Videos can surely be used for the purpose of video marketing, but why limit our creativity there?

Videos provide your potential customers with a medium which is immediate, informative and persuasive. Organizations have started to use this innovative technique in every department, from sales to marketing and even in finance.

Informative videos help to strengthen personal connections by sharing valuable data. And let’s not forget content marketing!

Content marketing used to contain 20% of video marketing strategy, but now in this super modern era that 20% has become a whopping 90%!

Gather all of your equipment’s

Every organization works with their budget; however, this shouldn’t be the obstruction between success and you. There are ample of companies in the industry who are killing every trend with video marketing by simple shooting their video via their smartphones. Moreover, by using such equipment, you can easily get a professional quality video for your marketing purposes.

You can easily get started with your smartphone, but it is always a better option to upgrade your requirements:

  • A DSLR camera
  • Basic studio lights
  • Tripod
  • Wireless Mics

Start with ‘Video First’ perspective

The main motive behind your different marketing strategy is to enhance your brand awareness and visibility, to surge up your rate of conversions. This is where video marketing comes into play.

Video plays a very crucial role to convince your customers in their journey to buy the product. Moreover; such videos have turned out to be a successful marketing strategy when compared with other formats of marketing.

Crafting a video with a ‘video first’ perspective helps to enhance your conversions.

It’s more than just creating a video

Anyone can easily create a video, but to plate it in front of your potential customers is something to think about. Look it as if you are crafting a website, right from scratch. Moreover, it is hard for us to ignore the significance of Google as exactly knows what is shown in your video content.

Wrapping up!

Practice makes a man perfect! Every business can enjoy the benefits provided by a video marketing strategy. Whether you are new to screens or you have ample of experience in crafting live action video. Incorporating video marketing with your digital marketing techniques help you to attract your potential customers thus, leading to huge conversions.

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