Day by day, it’s getting harder to compete out in this digital era. If you are looking forward to standing out from the crowd of rivals, you need to absolutely commit to your potential audiences by accentuating your strengths and unique value propositions.

Almost 90% of the marketers are subjected to follow the Pareto Principle or in simple words, the marketing rule of 80/20. This principle states that 80% of your organization’s revenue comes out from your 20% of the customers. This principle can be easily applied to most of your marketing research strategies and actively engaging your existing customer by 5X.

Animated marketing videos provide you with a great medium to convey all your messages and values in a catchy and entertaining way. Alternatively stated, animated marketing videos are perfect for expressing the culture and establishing your brand’s identity.

Most of your potential users demand new videos in their day to day consumption, and animated videos offer your brand and business the ability to be innovative and artistic, without burning a hole in their pockets.

Whether you choose to develop an in-house animated video or to outsource it further, in the article, we will enlighten you with some fundamental principles to be kept in mind while creating an animated marketing video to enhance your brand’s identity.

Let’s dive in!

Create a buyer’s persona

The very first step is to build a trustworthy personal business or brand using an animated explainer video as the motive behind such explainer videos is to understand the mindset of your targeted audiences, thus creating a detailed buyer’s persona with insightful information.

During the research, learn the behavior of your targeted customers and use the particulars to create a fictional character that represents a person from your potential segment of customers.

Before forming one, you must determine the following:

  1. How old are your average segmented group
  2. Where do they belong?
  3. What is their style of fashion?
  4. Their particulars such as language and accent
  5. Which is the most preferred website of your customers?
  6. Their favorite brands

With the above answers, you will be able to create a virtual character with a specific name, age, job, etc forming your buyer’s persona.

Once you are done with the buyer’s persona, you will easily be able to create your character that can relate well with your segmented group of audiences. Such practices help to generate a strong inclination and trust towards your brand and business. As the video will directly talk to the customers about the problems and solutions your customer will feel more connected to your brand.

Creation of custom character helps to bring a strong human touch to your brand and amplify the emotions of your customers that contribute to attach your people to your business for a long time.

Apply the style and colors of your brand

When talking about your brand – Colors are the primary elements! They are very important, especially when you are looking out for different ways to influence your targeted audiences to perceive the essence of your business. By making use of vibrant colors and styles in your animated marketing videos, your targeted audience will somehow be able to relate them with your brand and can also easily remember it afterward as well. Whether it’s a vibrant orange or a calm blue, your colors speak up for your brand, thus helping in enhancing your brand’s visibility.

Choose the right type of animated style of video

There are ample video styles available for you to create your animated marketing video, and some of them are as:

  1. Whiteboard Animation
  2. Motion Graphics Videos
  3. Hybrid Animation Videos
  4. Character Animation Videos

The style that you chose for your animated marketing video will represent the personality of your business and brand. If you are looking forward to representing your brand with a bit of humor, you can always use character animation videos as it helps to provide a more human touch to your brand.

In case you want your animated marketing video to look sophisticated and elegant, you can always choose different modes of styles and introduce your brand among your potential customers in your way.

Make it social

After doing all the hard work, one more step that can bring your brand near to your customer is to take things forward with a more personal approach. Now you need to start with your social media marketing strategies to viral your video and generate your brand’s visibility.

Online videos are the most cost-effective and thriving content to post on any social media platforms. In fact, a study states that 52% of marketers prefer video marketing as one of the best online marketing strategies to achieve their desired return on investment. Furthermore, video promotion now relies on the video content, which is continuously being shared on different social media platforms and the video visibility of Facebook’s news feeds surged up by 360% last year.


The final step for you is to build trust with your targeted group of customers by showcasing the original you. Try to be authentic as it will help your brand to shine out from the crowd. Choose your marketing content wisely and roll it up on different platforms to surge up your online business.

Final Thoughts!

Online customers are getting sharper day by day; they have a tendency to judge the content quickly and decide whether it is worth watching or not. While crafting an animated marketing video, remember to create and follow your unique style, which can be easily perceived by your targeted segment.

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