No doubt, videos are fruitful for internal communications, but how? To understand how videos are effective for internal communications. First of all, you should need to understand what internal communication is?

The devolution of data or information between the members of an organization or sections of an organization is known as internal communication. The internal communication takes place across all levels and units of a company. The internal communications strategy encompasses business purposes in communicating with staff and projects the actions needed to accomplish these goals. Moreover, an efficient internal communications strategy is an important perspective of your organization’s daily procedures.

Why video content is beneficial for internal marketing communication?

According to medical experts, a person can only remember 20% of the written material given to him. On the other hand, if we teach him the same thing by the use of videos, the number jumps to 80%. According to a survey report, 87% of online marketers use video for internal communication, so we can say that we all are living in a video-centric world.

For internal communication, video content is the best among all other kinds of content, as 64% of the customers make an order after watching the brand or product video. On the other hand, 59% of the executives also favor gaining information via video.

If we talk about the benefits of using video content for internal communications, there are several. Following are some of the benefits of using video content for internal communications:

Video content makes it easy to understand the most condensed and complex information.

It not only enhances the employee’s engagement but also information remembrance.

Using video content for internal communications swiftly clears all the procedure-related doubts of the employees.

The use of video content for internal communications helps to connect employees which helps in building WE-feelings among them.

Why you should use video content for internal communications:

Mainly, there are two ways of giving training to employees either you can train your employees via training document or video. Employees are 75% more prone to watch a training video rather than a training document. Here are some of the tips given below, which states why you can go with the use of video for internal communications:

Firstly, a written document is unable to covey the exact sense of the message.

Next, videos require the least time to convey messages as compared to other types of content.

The Rising Impact of Online Videos:

We can say that the video content is the next big thing when it comes to internal communications. According to the internet report 2017, the traffic of online video is nearly around 69% of all the customer Internet traffic out of which 75% of traffic is of business executives watching work-related videos.

Videos are a great mode of storytelling which can make sure that the business messages that you want to deliver will stay in the mind of the viewers. Videos consist of emotions which impact the mind of the viewers. This is the reason; video content not only boosts your brand awareness but also conversion rates.


To conclude, we can say that the use of video content is better than any other types of content, as it displays nonverbal communications, prompts rich and quick content. Most importantly, employees also love to consume information by video.

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