This modern marketing world is completely dominated by videos. Innovative and creative videos are considered as the golden ticket for anyone to succeed in their business. As most people learn visually, animated videos provide you with a perfect medium to demonstrate the actual usage and process of your products and services to your potential customers. While most of the organizations have invested a lot into their video department to craft unique animated videos, most newbies don’t have enough money, time and resources to do the same.

Most of the startups tend to struggle with the techniques of video marketing as they tend to treat video marketing the same as that of television advertising. But now as the numbers of startups are increasing at an alarming rate, the number of animations has grown exponentially.

Animated videos are basically the videos that use animation to display about the workings and processes of your products and services. In recent years, animated videos have become a significant part of every marketing strategy which is being used by the number of startups.

In this era, where every organization and brand wants to produce unique content and high return on investment (ROI), animations have indeed proved itself as one of the strongest contenders among various marketing tools. For startups, animated videos offer various opportunities that not only help to enhance the visibility of your business but will also enhance the ROI.

According to a recent study, 85% of the buyers tend to feel more confident about buying a particular product or services after watching animations regarding the same. And the percentage is definitely going to increase!

Animated Videos provides you with the most compelling medium to attract your potential audiences, thus giving you different opportunities to connect to each other. Animated videos make your way easily through which you can easily portray the demonstrations of your business in a manner which is easy to understand, thus making a long lasting impression on your potential segment of targeted audiences.

Further, in the article, we have discussed the top five reasons of how animations can help to boost up the success of your startups.

Animated Videos helps to keep your targeted audiences –Engaged

Animated videos are great ways via which you can easily make your potential customers understand about the workings of your products and services, and that too within a time of a few minutes. Animated videos help to include each and every detailing of your product which you want your customers to know.

So now you might be wondering why to only emphasize on “animated videos”? Why not just record the whole process and bring it in front of the customers?

The reason is very crisp and clear while watching a natural video viewer might get bored, and the video might turn out to be a piece of monotony for them, but on the other hand, via animated video, you can induce various interesting characters and make your video good to watch.

Animated Videos are mobile Friendly

The other aspect why brands are encouraged to produce animations is that the flexibility of them, which makes them easy for viewing on both desktop and mobile screens. Not only these animated videos are easy to watch, but it also helps in creating a better understanding of your potential customers.

Animated Videos helps to enhance your rate of conversions

Animated Videos helps to boost up your rate of conversion, as it is one of the most engaging ways that help to make your audiences stick to your brand. Dropbox is the perfect example as when the animated video was launched, it helped the brand to increase its rate of conversions by 10%.

Animations help your brand to connect with your potential audiences in an emotional way, making it easy for you to make them understand your business goals and motives. You can even add a call-to-action button at the end of your animated videos, thus encouraging your customers to buy and subscribe to the updates.

Animated Videos are great for visual learners

Most of the people are fast visual and auditory learners. When you produce an animated video, you create a content which is easy to communicate and tends to make a long lasting impression on the minds of your potential customers.

Animated Videos helps to enhance your business rankings

Animated videos are one of the most effective methods through which you can easily encourage your targeted audiences to stay on your website for a more extended time; this strategy will eventually help your business website to rank better on Google. Now Google has started to prioritize websites which have animated videos incorporated. This strategy not only helps to boost up your SEO but also helps to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Final Thoughts!

If you are a startup and are eagerly looking forward to capturing the attention of your targeted audiences, enhance visibility and boost up your rate on conversions, then start crafting creative and informative animated videos and tell your brand’s story to the world.

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