An explainer video on your business website not only helps your brand to enhance its sales and conversions but also helps in increasing the visibility of your offerings within your targeted customer base. But in order to get things done in the way we want, the very first thing to do is to get your customer base to your business website.

It becomes a necessity for your brand to attract more and more potential visitors to your business website, in order to get your desired Return on Investment (ROI). Though this can be easily achieved as all you need to do is to implement some killer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

The main advantage of marketing your explainer videos is that it makes your website looks more attractive and appealing in front of your potential customers, thus captivating their area of interest in a better manner, which is yet an essential aspect for many famous search engines.

But, before moving any further, let’s give you brief on Explainer Videos!

What is Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a crisp and clear animated video that mostly emphasize on describing a business idea in a compelling manner which is simple, captivating and engaging. These explainer videos are an appealing and attractive way to grab most of the potential customer base. The other reason why these videos are so much in trend is that they provide you with medium to educate your potential customers about the offering of your product, services or your business. Such techniques not only help to enhance your brand’s visibility but also help to gain trust and credibility for the audiences.

Some of the other characteristics of explainer videos, which makes this strategy unique from other marketing techniques, are as follows:

  • Provides you with a short and straight forward way to convey your message with seconds
  • Explains different questions such as “Why,” What & “How.”
  • Specifically focuses on your potential audiences and their problems as well!
  • High –quality explainer videos make your business stand out from the crowd
  • Animated characters, when used in explainer videos, help to give a human touch
  • Great sound & audio quality makes it a perfect masterpiece to allure your targeted customers.

Let’s read further to find out how explainer videos and SEO, when merged together, are the best marketing duo in the industry.

Explainer videos make your targeted audiences stick to your brand for a longer period

Everyone expects their website to have a great impression on Google, which indeed is the first search engine globally. If you want your business to have high rankings on Google, then you need to have a significant look at the amount of time your potential customers spend on your website. This is also called the average visit time, and to make your website rank high, you need to engage your people for a more extended period of time. In today’s world, the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds, which is just not enough for any business to explain their motives to their potential customers.

An informative and innovative explainer video helps to boost up the visit time of your targeted segment by 2 minutes and that too on an average, which is quite near to 1500% increase!


Such a strategy not only makes your business website rank high on Google but also makes it more accessible for the relevant people to find it on the web. So in a nutshell, the duo of SEO and explainer videos is a double hit combo for your brand.

The second biggest Search Engines – YouTube! Google + YouTube is the ultimate combination.

Though it is very important for your business to leave an impression on Google, you are not supposed to neglect YouTube at that point of time, YouTube being the second most crucial search engine after Google helps to enhance the rankings of your business website.

Posting your explainer video on YouTube automatically acts as an independent marketing entity. If anyone finds your video on YouTube, then you must provide all the information to their video such as live URLS’, company’s website, etc. Such information can be easily shared in the descriptions provided, with the help of such techniques, it will become easy for the viewer to understand the video and also about your company.

People love to share – Videos

Explainer videos are the perfect way for all of your online marketing campaigns as they help your brand reach to the targeted segment of audiences, as people love to share informative and innovative content! In simple words, if someone likes your explainer video content, he /she will definitely share it among their friend & family circle. Such activities give rise to impactful and free marketing for your brand.

But the question arises is that sharing is not that easy as it sounds. One need to take extra care of their video content while posting through different social media accounts, blogs, landing pages, etc. Moreover, according to recent research, video content is the most preferred type of online marketing content. Most of the social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are putting in extra efforts to load their mediums with such amazing features to showcase their video content.

Provide your business with quality back-links

YouTube provides its users with amazing domain authority. One can quickly write their domain address and description of the video on the description provided, and such methods help to increase the click-through rates, thus optimizing your video content. In fact, you can easily bundle up your explainer video with other informative and valuable content that will eventually lead your viewers to click on your video content.

Triggers your social signals

There are many social reactions such as ‘shares’, ‘upvotes’ ‘downvotes’ that tells the brand the response of the viewer. When loaded with positive reactions, your video can get its utmost popularity and indicating the search crawlers that the video is good, thus putting it on the first pages.

Final Thoughts!

If explainer videos are still not part of your most important SEO, then it might become challenging for you to reach your desired aim. There is numerous written content explaining the importance of explainer videos as they provide your targeted segment with the information which is informative and innovative, that helps to engage your people for a longer period on your business website. People in this era love to look out for a content which provides them with relevant knowledge and that too without wasting much time, and explainer videos are the best way to do so.

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