Talking about digital content, how can we forget Videos – they are the fastest growing form of content, especially on smart devices such as smartphones. In fact, researchers concluded that video content is 10 times more likely to get shared in comparison to link and text content both combined, giving rise to the sales rate of conversions by 67%. Though, it’s undeniable that the major population is delighted and enjoys watching videos online, thus giving numerous opportunities to digital marketers to showcase their creativity and innovation through Video marketing

The question that you now might be wondering is:

How does a video offer an infinite number of opportunities to Digital marketers?

Well, the answer is right in front of you! Video content is easy to watch; moreover, mobile networks are highly robust, thus eliminating the load time. Video content is the best medium to gather the attention of your users.

Ideally, the key is to entertain your audiences, but if a video is able to provide its real value, then it is likely to get more social shares.

The platform of video marketing allows anyone and everyone to experiment with their work, thus providing them with an opportunity to get their potential customers engaged with this fast growing medium of storytelling. This method not only helps you to convey your motives clearly to your targeted segment but also plays a massive role in capitalizing.

While the accessibility of this marketing strategy is huge, only a few people are well aware of the techniques that help in capitalizing on the deeper engagement that one can create with their targeted audiences.

Let’s dive in to understand the essential do’s and don’ts of video marketing, which you can surely implement when using this effective tool to enhance your business.

DO’s: Offer a story

Video provides you with a perfect medium to convey your emotions in a way which a picture or a text alone cannot manage. This is because of the fact that visuals are easy to consume that to 60,000 times faster than an image or a text by an average human being. So offer a perfect and a relatable story to your targeted segment and strive for better user engagement.

People love to follow a character which is emotional, honest and straightforward. Don’t try to make your video obvious, let your audiences get carried away by the character.

DO’s: Spread your content

Producing content is just not enough; you must know how to spread your content as well! Before putting your hands into the field of video marketing, one must know how to distribute your content on the website. Putting your video into your corporate website or on any other owned media is just the first step. Make it a point to share your video on different social media platforms, channels and groups.

DO’s: Invest in SEO

Videos have the potential to push your content on the top search pages of Google, but only if you are doing it – correctly! Simply putting it on your YouTube channel or putting the video on your corporate website won’t be enough. Try to pay extra attention to the title, tags, and descriptions of your video content.

DO’s: Have a call to action

Researchers suggest that ending a video with a takeaway helps in leading your customers to further engagement with your brand or business. Even if you are simply putting a button of “share our video” or “subscribe to our channel”, it will trigger your potential customers to go for it so as to know what is coming up next!

DO’s: Have a crystal clear strategy

While you are wondering to put in your efforts into the world of video marketing, one must always begin with a crystal clear view in their mind.

Are you looking forward to getting more of shares on your video? Or you want to click through purchasing for your offerings?

Never waste your time and resources, crafting a video that leaves your potential customers guessing. Develop a clear video that helps to answer your customer’s questions.

DON’Ts: Promote your content ‘SHAMELESSLY’

While, crafting a video for your brand make it a point to not to boast about your company as it might create monotony for the viewer. Instead, you can educate your potential customers about the values of your organization. Try to craft a video which is easy for people to relate, and that can also be shared on any social media platform without any hesitation. Try featuring client’s testimonials, behind the scenes, etc.

DON’Ts: Restrict your content to one platform

Never restrict your video content to the only platform as you might not know which platform holds the best potential for your video. If your brand is looking out to optimize the video for every website, you need to invest more in the creative variation of the video.

Never work with the mindset that all platforms are equal. It’s just not practical to make a video for Facebook and post it on Instagram as well. Before you craft a video for a particular platform, you need to understand the psychology first.

DON’Ts: Make your video way too long

Make sure that while you are crafting a video, you have a keen eye on the time limit as attention spans are mostly for 2-3 seconds. Break your long videos into small parts which can be easily consumed. In fact, you can easily cut short your long teaser into a short one.

DON’Ts: Focus to make it extra viral

Every brand wants their videos to go viral within seconds, but most of the times, this practice does not make sense commercially. Video views and hits are mostly used to understand the success of the video, but frankly speaking, this is one of the most outdated ways to define success.

Before crafting a video, make sure that your video is defining your business.

DON’Ts: Neglect the analytics

According to the researchers, most of the people are just not aware of the analytics a video contains or even they have not ever seen it. Analytics for your video allows marketers to understand where your potential customers stopped watched your video. By understanding this falloff point, marketers can quickly adapt to the annotations. This strategy is very beneficial but often ignored.

Wrapping Up!

Video content is the actual representation and reflection of your brand. Video marketing provides you with an opportunity to understand and appeal to your targeted segment directly. So before crafting a video, make sure of the points discussed above in the article and successfully establish your brand voice among your people.

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