When it comes to explainer videos the very first question that comes in your mind is – what should be the ideal length of an explainer video? There can be two answers for the same question: One is to make it short, impressive, and crispy, second, it depends upon the subject of your video. Moreover, at the end of this post, you’ll be able to determine the optimal length for your explainer video.

The average attention span of a person is 8 seconds and after that, the person starts losing attention. With such a short-attention-span, it is difficult to catch the attention of people for a longer period that’s why the length of your explainer video matters a lot. If we talk in business terms, the length of your explainer video has its direct impact over the ROI. While making an explainer video, you need to deliver all the important information within 8 to 9 seconds and after that, you should come directly to the point.

How do you decide the duration of your explainer video?

Now the question arises how do you decide the duration of your explainer video? Let us unlock this with the help of three questions. Take some time to solve the following questions:

1. Purpose of video: Before you start to work over your explainer video, it is important to make the purpose of your explainer video clear in the mind. For instance; Is it to improve your brand’s visibility, awareness, sales or revenue?

2. Targeted Audience: Make it clear in your mind who is your targeted audience? Your video should create a sense for your targeted audience.

3. Utilization: You should think carefully about where you are going to post this video? In other words, you should plan where you’re going to post this video? Is it for social media handlings, web site homepage or YouTube?

Video Objective:

The objective of your videos is the building block of the success of your video. It does not depend upon the visuals or the number of funds that you are planning to spend on it. But, on the level of the buyer’s journey, the explainer video is designed for.

• Awareness: If awareness is the main objective of your explainer video where the client has just understood that he has a problem, but not yet found that the product or service you’re offering is the soundest solution for him. In this case, the objective of your video is to educate clients at the uppermost level, clear their doubts and build trust among the people that the product you’re offering can be a single stop solution to meet their needs. This type of explainer video should not be more than 30 seconds.

• Consideration: If the video is for consideration purpose where the client has specified a problem and is looking for a resolution. In this case, the objective of your video is to display distinct solutions to the problems of the clients. The perfect time length for such type of videos should not be longer than 30-40 seconds.

• Decision Making: When the customer has found a solution and looking for various service providers offering a comparable solution. Then, the objective of your video is to educate the people regarding the qualities of your product or service and what makes you different from your competitors. At this stage, the length of your video should be in between 60-120 seconds.

• Retention Videos: The next stage is known as Retention where the client has already utilized your product or service. So what you can do here to retain your customer? You can help customers with Self-help Videos, Tutorials, New deals and offers, and other similar kinds of video stuff. This kind of video should not be longer than 180 seconds.

Targeted Audience:

It is good to target a large audience to maximize the influence of your video, but remember you cannot target everyone with a single video. This situation demands you to be particular about one type of audience. It not only enables you to create a directed campaign but also meets the needs of a particular customer group. Once you understand the objective of your video, you need to mold the sense of your video as per your targeted group of audiences. Most importantly, always keep in your mind that you cannot target everyone by using a single video.

Video Utilization:

Where are you going to post the explainer video? It is the next big thing when it comes to explainer videos.

First of all, if you’re going to post on the homepage of your website, it should not be greater than 90 seconds. The homepage of your website gives the core information about your services; make sure the video also reflects the same sense.

Secondly, if you are making a product or service description video, then only you can stretch the length of your video, but make sure the video is for a specific page of your website or YouTube.

Thirdly, for social media handling, the video should be short and to the point. The ideal length of a social media video is 15-20 seconds.

Next, if the video is for the landing page of your website, it should be short and crispy. The recommended length of this type of videos is 50-55 seconds.

Things to Remember:

• The start (5-10 seconds) of your video should be enriched with such points or information that is capable of gaining the interest of your targeted audience.

• You don’t need to run much faster in your explainer video, as an average person can only read 150 words in a minute. If you run faster in the video to cover all the points, viewers may find it difficult to understand.

• To cover complex topics, try to chop it into smaller parts, as covering a complex topic in a single video may impact the length of your video.

• Don’t try to cover many topics in a single video, keep it simple and specific. If your video concept has much more information to deliver, try to break it down into parts.

• Lastly, make sure that your video is free from jargons and technical terms.


Explainer videos represent the story of your brand to your targeted audience in an effective manner. These videos are designed especially for the targeted group of audiences with a short attention span. If you’re planning to make explainer videos for yourself, these tips may help you to reach the desired goals.

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