Videos are the most favored engaging medium that helps you to narrate your story more comprehensively. Studies have shown that 65% of people prefer to learn visually, as vision is considered to be the most dominant sense, occupying almost half of our brain’s resources. People are more inclined towards video content than written, but what makes it so dominant that helps to skyrocket your brand acceptance?

  1. Video increases the conversion on your landing page by 80%
  2. 64% of the users are more likely to buy a product online, after watching a video
  3. After watching a video about a product or service, 50% of the people are more likely to look out for more information
  4. According to YouTube, if the videos are not a part of your marketing strategy, then it’s high time that you start using techniques as YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of videos per month.

Considering the video content of today’s technological world, much of it is entertaining and captivating. While it’s not an easy job to design the type of visual content that attracts attention from your relevant audiences and escalates your brand awareness, mastering this medium will help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Further, in this article, we will enhance your knowledge about how investing your time in videos will help you to see a higher yield for your brand.

Don’t forget to tell a story

Video marketing is a way through which you narrate a story to your audience. Most of the time, organizations try way too hard to have their videos, check their marketing checklist because of which they often tend to forget about the viewer.

It is suggested to have a video with a focused message.

Maintain you Relevancy

There are numerous choices regarding the styles one can make while designing a video, such as incorporating various humoristic elements. But remember, styles might fall flat if it is not relevant to your targeted audiences.

Utilize simple and beautiful Thumbnails

Many organizations tend to make a mistake by not understanding the significance of using custom YouTube thumbnails and instead use pre-filled ones inside. A custom made thumbnail plays a huge role in grabbing the attention of your relevant users to what your video is all about. Any video which is longer than a minute and 30 seconds might lose the viewer’s interest. Try to break your longer video into a short series of videos to make your viewers stick to your page.

Fact: 90% of the best videos productions on YouTube have a custom thumbnail

Integrate your marketing campaigns

Videos might be the most popular method today, but the most productive storytelling campaign is to merge all of your marketing campaigns. Narrating a story through a video or an advertisement will grab the attention of your targeted audiences and will be more impacting than a single platform campaign.

Prioritize mobile

More than 90% of the videos are being watched via a mobile device. Whether your audiences are waiting, walking or just commuting, there are millions of moments during the day of your audiences when they are watching a video. Make sure to optimize your videos in a way which proves them to be mobile friendly, short and to the point as this is how your video will create an impact on your users.

Wrapping Up!

Quality videos are an excellent medium for you to engage and build your audiences for your business. Video content not only enhances your brand awareness but also helps to keep your business top of mind for those who are interested in your business.


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