The best business and brands love to follow the latest trends and act according to the requirements of their targeted sphere. This is why various social media applications such as Snapchat, IGTV, and have become huge trendsetters in recent years. As, if you understand where the new market is moving forward, you tend to have the upper hand among your competitors.

When we talk about the latest trends, the main thing to highlight is the “consumer attention”. It’s not about presenting your targeted audiences with the best type of video content, but it’s all about crafting your video content in a way which is suitable for every platform and optimized for the right device.

So, where is exactly the attention of your consumer?

Television has started to become a part of a vintage civilization every year, and smart devices are doubtlessly killing it! According to a recent study, by the year 2020, there will be around 3 billion smartphones; this makes it quite clear for everyone to understand why digital advertisements are gradually overpowering television advertisements.

The aptest way through which you can easily make noise among your targeted audiences is by creating an amazing, informative and alluring video content that not only educates your potential customers but also makes them stick to your brand.

Recent research states that, by the year 2020, 82% of the total internet traffic will gradually turn into video content. And the reason behind this rise is quite apparent, as video content in the form of animated videos, animated explainer videos, motion graphics videos help to convey the ideas and motives of the brands in a way which are easy to consume by the targeted audiences, thus creating a long lasting impression on the viewers as compared to other mediums.

So what is the rising trend?

Video content when optimized well for smart devices is the best type of content. Video content provides you with a perfect medium to connect with your potential customers. Every brand prefers to produce a kind of content which is optimized for mobile devices.

So why not to optimize video content, as well?

The sudden rise of various social media platforms and smart devices has brought a huge change in the way customers consume video content these days. The idea of presenting the video content to the targeted audiences is drastically evolving. Though vertical video content is regarded as less favorable in comparison to the horizontal video content, by different production professionals, this concept is changing at a faster pace!

Vertical video content has been in this industry for a number of years, but the advantages of this video content have recently started to get reorganization. The smart devices have made vertical orientation a must thing, and different social media platforms such as Snapchat have given a huge vertical rise in this social sphere.

But, what is vertical video?

Vertical videos are much taller than their width. This way of video content is not presented in a widescreen format instead of vertical video content is rotated at an angle of 90 degrees. Thus the video content present with this format intended to be in a portrait video format.

When you hold your smartphone and record your video content, the expected ratio turns out to be in 9:16, which is taller than the width. Thus, naming the orientation as vertical orientation or vertical video content.

Thought, video content with vertical orientation is being criticized by a huge number of people, but now the table has turned. Many social media applications such as IGTV, Snapchat are encouraging such sort of video content.

Thus the evolution of this vertical orientation is Logical!

Popularly known as the vertical video syndrome, hit the internet worldwide when smart devices suddenly empowered a huge number of audiences with an inbuilt camcorder. But, unlike other smart devices, mobile devices were only designed to be held vertically. People all around the globe help it in the same manner while they were texting or calling and did the same while shooting their video content.

So, as we move further with the article, let’s look at some of the trends which acted as a trendsetter.

Snapchat – the trendsetter!

Snapchat is supposed to be blamed for this massive wave of vertical video content. With more than 150 million daily users, this social media application claims to have over 10 billion views on their video content. And this fantastic success requires an in-depth understanding of different customer behavior and empowerment.

Before Snapchat, YouTube was the very platform that was provided it users with a platform to share their video content. Though most of the people on YouTube were not the professionals, fancy editing, different stings, and good equipment made it easy for the users to get going with their video content.

On the contrary, Snapchat brought the radical shift as it gave an opportunity to the normal people to showcase their talent by becoming the video content creators. And all you need to have is a smart device in front of you with ample of your innovative ideas to make your video content more interesting and captivating. Different tools and filters inside were just like the cherry on the cake!

One of the most crucial reasons why Snapchat opted for vertical orientation instead of horizontal is that it’s the easiest way to get your video content recording done. Moreover, 10 billion of vertical video contents is being watched every day on Snapchat!

IGTV- Instagram Video Format

Instagram has recently launched ample of new features for their application, as previously the application only supported 1:1 of video content and images. Recently, Instagram launched its revolutionary feature of the application –The IGTV!

Arguably, as they might be aware of the advantages of vertical video content provided them in order to stay ahead in this competition. With more than 300 million active users on a daily basis, IGTV is creating a new wave among the people.

To know more about this revolutionary feature of Instagram refer to – A Brand New Channel for Your Video Content

Final Notion!

Tons of audiences are watching their video content in the upright position. And the number is going to increase every day, so it’s a better option for the marketers to adopt this format of vertical video content onto their social media channels. The syndrome of vertical video content is a trendsetter and not going anywhere, so the next time you are crafting your video content make it vertically as you will for sure get more engagement on it!

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