Selecting the most appropriate style of video content is the third most important question when it comes to video advertising after video type and video marketing techniques. Depending on various other factors such as your targeted audiences, your business motives and your choices of styling your video content can easily break the marketing campaign into different informational pieces. Talking about video advertising in this modern technological era, there are two primary choices of styling – Animation video and Live action Video.

Video marketing is the showstopper in today’s world, so before you start to craft a video for your organization, it is always a better option to make a right choice, especially when it comes to video content.

Though there is no such magical solution available that can help you to decide which of the video content will be best for your business, but in spite of choosing one randomly, one can quickly go through the pros and cons of both the video types and determine the best for their brand.

Further, in the article, we will go through the differences between the live action and animated videos and make it quite clear for you to understand both the video types.



Anything & Everything is possible

If you are crafting your video for an abstract product or services, then animation video will be the best choice for your business. Animation helps to simplify complex procedures and bring out even the dullest subject to life, thus making it easy for your viewers to consume.

When you have a right video animator or a motion graphic artist, you can easily range up with different types of styling moving from flat iconography to amazing 3D renderings. If you want your superhero to talk with your customers, animation can easily make it happen.

Future Editing

Thousands of illustrations and layers are used while you create your animation video, which allows you to repurpose those elements in your future projects easily. When you have complete control over your animation masterpieces, swapping different elements in and out to support your story becomes much easier. These design trends evolve by time, and flat style animation provides a fantastic level of editing for future uses.


The process to produce video content is much slower

On an average, an animation video takes up to three to seven weeks of pure hard work and creativity, depending upon the complexity of the video. On the other hand, you need not waste your money to build up sets or location.

Live –Action Videos


Live action videos are faster but more limiting

Live action videos are much quicker when compared with animation – but the scenario is not always the same. After you decide the building plan and strategy of your video content, a live-action video takes at least a few days to complete depending on a number of factors such as complexity and length, as a long video might take weeks or months to complete. Though it’s true that, live action videos do play a massive role in kick-starting your business, but unlike the style of animation different visual style and digital assets used in a live action video doesn’t have to be constructed right from the scrap.

Moreover, live action video does get rid of the actual potential of animation. While you create your animation video; your final product is the outcome of your imagination. But on the contrary, all live-action videos are limited to the reality of nature, which automatically means that you cannot have fairies and elves bounding over rainbows.

Live Action videos are humanizing

If you want your brand to have a more human touch to your videos, then no technique other than live videos can make it happen. These videos quickly showcase real human emotions, which are much required to build a strong relationship with your customers. The advantages of live action videos cannot be achieved in animation.

Live action videos are more crucial for those businesses that revolve around a real-world location or human interaction.

When you see a human face narrating a story, it becomes easy for your potential customers to listen to the story and to further take immediate actions if required, as this strategy looks more genuine and convincing.


It’s Hard to do modifications Down the Line

Live action videos mean that once you are done filming your video, it is almost done as the future changes are hard to make. The reason behind this remains quite crisp and clear as hiring the actors again, moving to the location with equipment can make it tough, big budgeted and time-consuming.

So just in case if your business is well established and you are pretty much sure about the offering of your products and services than live action videos are the best choice for your business.

Final Thoughts!

When it comes to deciding the best technique between live action and animated video, all you need to take care of is the needs of your video and budget as well! In case your budget low and you are only looking forward to explaining the concepts of your business then, the animation is the best strategy to opt for. But just in case you can expand your budget, and you are looking forward to making a spur with your video on an emotional front then using a live-action video is the key. Live action videos are the most flexible option if you want to make a long lasting impression on the minds of your potential customers.

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