Each year the content of video grows and trust me this trend is not going to slow down in the near future, as once again in 2K19 it’s dominating the market. According to a recent survey on various video marketing trends, 57% of the business owners said that YouTube is one of the most effective social media gateways which distributes the video content their potential customers on a global level.

Moreover, according to a study by Wyzowl, 79% of the consumers prefer to watch an informative video and learn more about the product or services rather than reading about the same. And, 64% of consumers feel more confident about buying a product or a service after watching a video.

Video content keeps your potential customers engaged in your brand and business than any other form of content could ever do! For instance, the duration of an average session of a YouTube video is nearly about 9minutes and 28 seconds, that’s way too much more than any other type of social media platforms could have done.

Video content marketing helps you to narrate your story to your audience in a way which is more entertaining, inspiring and educational. Such strategies help your brand to connect with your people, thus building the trust of your potential audiences. 57% of the consumers were clear about the product or the services after watching whole explainer videos of the same.

Video content marketing is definitely a boon that helps you enhance your SEO efforts, thus ranking your website higher on Google. Moreover, your website is 53x likely to appear on the first page on Google, if your website has a video content embedded in it.

Further, in the article, we will enlighten you about some of the best video marketing practices that will help your business to rank high on Google.

So, if you are fuzzy on any of the relatable things, then read on!

Consider your purpose

It is always a better option to be clear about your purpose of creating a video as it will help to resonate with your targeted segment. Answering questions like what you want to showcase through your video content? Or whether you are looking forward to educating your customers about your brand? Or helping your potential customers to understand your products well? Helps you to make your video content in a manner which will directly understand the problem of your people. If you don’t answer them in advance, then you might be wasting your precious time.

Define your targeted audiences

You craft your fantastic video. Why? Because you want them to reach your viewers on a global level! But who are your targeted audiences?
If you are not able to answer these questions, then I am afraid to tell you that you might not be ready to step into the world of video marketing or you might be working wrong with your explainer video marketing techniques.

Draw your marketing Funnel

We have already talked about the significance of marketing sales funnel, and when you reach this stage of video marketing, it becomes quite a necessity for your brand to follow one. A marketing funnel helps you to get plenty of leads, thus enhancing the visibility of your brand and business.

Tell a story

There is a famous proverb “a picture tells a thousand words”, then what about video content?

Video content will say a million of them! Video content helps your message to get communicated to your targeted audience in a way that can be easily consumed. Storytelling is considered as one of the effective ways to communicate. Create a story for your video tries to include different situations with different characters that can be easily concluded on an optimistic note.

Don’t be afraid to get emotional.

If your video content is not able to make your audience feel, then it might be very difficult for your content to generate more sales. Think about the last time; you bought a product because the video content marketing convinced you to do so! There might be chances when people might not want to buy a product, but certainly, video content marketing helps them to get one.

The video content that you craft must have an emotional content stick to it, as it will help to make a long lasting impression on the minds of your targeted audiences. You can even induce negative situations in your video as you don’t have to stick to optimism every time. Try to induce the negative situations that will help you to connect with them in a better manner.

Always have Call-to-action

While going through different YouTube channels, have you ever noticed that every professional YouTubers ask the same thing at the end of every video, “Like & Subscribe”?

In YouTube, your currency counts when you have ample of subscriptions, and this can only be done if your video content contains a Call-to-action button. Your call-to-action button can be as simple as following and like or as complex as click here to download.

Don’t forget Video SEO

If you are posing your video content on the internet, then you must know the exact strategies that will boost up your video marketing for SEO. Induce them in an article, a blog or a website that will be appreciated by your customers.

Try to put it on different social media channels such as YouTube, where you can easily optimize your video content by inserting keyword strategy in your titles and descriptions due to which your audiences will quickly understand the content in it.

Final Thoughts!

After reading through the article, the bottom line is quite clear; get more sophisticated with your video marketing techniques and your video content will give you ample of leads that will not only work but will also help to improve your SEO rankings.

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