The demand for interesting and informative video content has surged up dramatically over the last couple of decades, and it is one of the easiest mediums to communicate your message. Video content helps to engage the people of every group, thus making this technique a significant marketing tool for every business and brand.

Brands have started to incorporate the strategy of video marketing as it helps them to generate a good amount of leads and escalate their sales. Furthermore, business uses video content to build up an outstanding brand experience that allows their brand to stand out from the crowd.

While crafting high-quality video content has become quite easy, sharing the same content on different social media channels has also become easy. But sharing the content on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, doesn’t guarantee you that your video content will get noticed by numerous people, but why so?

There is a tremendous amount of video content uploaded for the viewers to consume every day. With this blog, we will give you a small brief about the guide that can be helpful for your video SEO. And by the time you are done reading this fantastic piece of information, you will have a clear understanding of how implementing the right video SEO strategies can help your brand to reach to a broader scale of audiences.

Something that you need to know about Video SEO:

The technique of Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO) is mostly used by the successful creators of video content to enhance the search engine rankings of their website and the visibility of their brand in the result pages on a global level.

These days it is quite common to observe people consuming video content on their smart devices such as at an event, doing daily chores or even walking around their campus. In fact, Cisco predicted that:

  • Every second, an approximate million minutes of content in the form of videos will be crossing the network by 2021.
  • On a global level, the video traffic IP will reach up to 82% of all the internet traffic consumed by 2021, which was previously 73% in 2016.
  • On average, an individual will take more than five years to consume the amount of data which will then be crossing the global IP networks every month in 2021.

The number that is stated by Cisco is just an estimate proportion, though we can expect the number to increase as well. After all these now you might be wondering what has this got to do with your video SEO.

SEO in its own is a very significant element of digital marketing, and the other important factor is to convert your video traffic into potential paying customers.

Video content provides you with a perfect tool to get your desired Return on Investment (ROI).

If you want to take the benefit of video marketing, the video content that you post has to be optimized for the searches.

Further, in the article, we will enlighten you up with the tips and tricks that can help you drive more relevant traffic to your videos and making your video content search result more seeable in front of your quality leads.

Search Keywords for your video

Have you ever noticed while you are surfing, that Google has started to display more of videos in your search results? Websites such as YouTube is one of the most excellent sources of traffic which receives high click-through rates as compared to plain text.

Keywords are the only thing which is solely responsible for the search results that are displayed on the two most popular search engines – YouTube and Google.

And if you want your video content to be popular on these two search engines, then you need to use keywords.

Don’t forget to optimize Meta Data.

Talking about the tags, these are the keywords which help in assigning to the video. These are basically a set of words that purely explain what your content is all about. Tags, file names and descriptions play a very significant role in enhancing your video SEO. Using such keywords in your tags and Meta descriptions helps to optimize your video content as well. You can easily use more than one keyword as it helps to enhance the relevancy of your video content.

Talking about YouTube, it gives you a description space of worth 5000 characters, uses this space well to describe your video content.

Add a video transcript

Video transcripts are the full-fledged textual representation of the content depicted in the video. When you use Meta tag or video tags, they cannot provide much detailed information of your content as a video transcript can provide to the search engines.

Different search engine bot crawls your text and uses the same for the purpose of indexing. So in nutshell video transcript helps to understand your video content in a better manner, thus helps in enhancing your rankings.

Create Video sitemap

Video sitemaps provide the search engines with different Metadata describing the video content for your website. You can easily use the sitemap to specify your search engine about the titles, length, description, targeted audiences for video content of yours. Moreover, by using sitemaps, you can also provide the search engines with more appropriate information of your video such as restrictions, platforms, page URL, etc.

Final Thoughts!

There are numerous ways that can help to enhance your video SEO and also increase the visibility of your brand. In this article, we helped you with some of the easy ways with which you can quickly get started with your SEO for video content.

All the best!

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