A picture can tell a thousand words, but what about the video with excellent motion graphics? Motion graphics is a well-known technique in which the designer is not constrained by reality or real life footage. In fact, this technology of the modern era enables the designer to focus on the vast array of possibilities, which makes it quite tough to concentrate on one. Beginning right from the primordial days of flipbooks to black and white traditional animation and right till the invention of Adobe after effects and then the journey of Cinema 4d, this technology has come a long way.

Motion graphics are an essential part of the world of web design and development segment. According to a study by B2B research firm, Two-thirds of small businesses use a website to promote their brands along with their other products and services, making it a necessity to stay alongside with the trends that could help in enhancing the conversions and user engagement.

Despite many alterations, there are a few techniques of motion graphics that we have discussed further in the article, which will never fail to charm this world.

  1. VFX- Highly Complicated technique

  2. Scenes such as dinosaurs, natural catastrophes, transformers are not real so shooting them in the real world is next to impossible, but thanks to VFX or the visual effects which make it possible for the world to see them in different commercials and movies.

    VFX helps the viewers to step into a whole new world of a dimension where everything you want to see is possible by combining the footage with different computer-generated imagery. This makes it the very reason why this technique is viral among everyone.

    A video with complex VFX and motion designs are fascinating and eye-catching. The main sorcery happens as the viewer is not able to differentiate live actions from digital animation. Though it’s a hybrid technology, designers have full power to give their viewers a breathtaking visual experience.

    So start incorporating VFX into your marketing campaigns as this technology is something tough to ignore!

  1. 3D is everywhere

  2. 3d is the technology which you will find everywhere and trust me; this will continue to expand. Combining audio, animation, and video – The technology of 3D allows the designer to showcase something which is almost unbelievable and which was hard to show previously.

    You can find 3D technology everywhere in games, sales presentations, marketing campaigns, etc. It is impossible to imagine any video with motion graphics without 3D. 3D is considered as a robust tool of communication that helps to highlight the benefits of the product or the services in a manner which is easy to understand, thus creating a significant impact on your potential customers.

  1. Hybrid Motion Graphics – Mixture of 2D and 3D

  2. Hybrid motion graphics have the power to intensify any storytelling by adding more like pictures because of which the popularity of hybrid motion graphics will roll on. This technique can be easily found in various commercials and digital ads as well.

    This is not at all surprising!

    3D which can be expensive and 2D might not be able to convey your message accurately so this specular combination when used together gives you a perfect marketing strategy, thus making your video visually appealing and that too at an affordable cost.

  1. Beautiful Color Pallets

  2. Colors not only help to make your work visually appealing but also help to influence your storytelling. It can help to intensify your video’s impact, thus explaining the motive of your video.

    So now the question arises that, how to select the best color palette for your video?

    And the answer is to follow the trend of 2019.

    To make your design stand out from the crowd, you must choose bright and bold colors that rule the digital world of this modern era.

  1. Animated Logos – New in Trend

  2. Every year there is a new technique introduced for logo designing and this year will also do the same. Companies have started to put their hands into the digital spacing, thus majorly focusing on different social media platforms and logo designs.

    Animated logo designs are being used by famous companies such as Google, Intel, etc and it is indeed one of the hottest trends of 2019. This magic is not being used in different logo motion animations, which makes letters rearrange, wraps, hide, rotate, transform, etc.

    The technique of logo animation is eye-catching and helps to captivate your user attention.

  1. Retro Motion Graphics

  2. Retro style has made a comeback, and it is an inspiration for all the graphic designers. This technique will help you to gather some attention in the year 2019. You can easily capture the attention of your potential customers by combining the method of retro motion graphics with VFX.

    People might say that this style is outdated, but when combined with new techniques it gives your video a fresh look. Retro motion graphics look cool and helps to attract a wide range of audiences for your business.

  1. Isometric Designing

  2. Isometric designing helps to represent the 3D objects on a 2D space, which has indeed captured much of the attention of the people. The constant demand for this technique on mobile applications has modified the design of isometric designing. This technique has successfully paved out its way with the other styles to represent 3D elements on the screen.

  1. Liquid Motion

  2. Liquid motion helps to loosen up the sterility of vector images and other geometrical images, this helps to give an organic look to the motion graphic video. This trend is all about adding flow like a liquid, and splashes of colors across the screen, thus transforming shapes and creating delightful visuals along the way.


The final thought is that while we don’t know sorcery, the best idea to shine out is by incorporating the above techniques of motion graphics in your videos, as this will not only help to make your video look better, but will also help you to enhance your conversions.

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