Time, talent, resources, and hard work plays a significant role while creating a flawless business video. Whether you are planning to produce an in-house video or wondering about outsourcing, the process can be both extortionate and time-consuming. The biggest problem after all the painstaking work to produce a stunning final video is the strategy of promotion which is often –overlooked.

In our technological era, the key element of any businesses to flourish is – Digital marketing. This strategy helps you to enhance the promotion of your blogs but what about your video content?

According to a survey by Renderforest, 78% of the individuals observed a surge in the traffic of their website after using video strategy. Moreover, 71% of the user claimed that the video helped them to enhance the average time of their website. Furthermore, 54% of the users enhanced their sales while 69% of them generated more leads via video content.

Video marketing has become a significant part of digital marketing as it helps you to understand marketing in a better way.

Further, in the article, we have discussed a few ways where video marketing can help to take your business to the next level.

Never forget – to optimize your video with a thumbnail

Video thumbnails are one of the most crucial factors that help to drive a visitor to your video. Everyone judges a book by its cover, so we need to make our thumbnail in such a way which is appealing and play-worthy. The best way to make your video play is to use the image in such a way which catches the attention of the user.

Video Campaigns on social media platforms – Trendy piece of cake

Social networking website offers people to share and spread your work for free! This feature helps to turn more people on your landing page, eventually driving more people to look at your work.

Add a share button to your video

We all are aware of the advantages provided by the power of social media platforms. In fact, most of the people are likely to start their day with a Snapchat update. By providing a share button within your video helps to directly share your video on other social media platforms, allowing the interested people to share the link.

Share your video on online committees

One must actively engage themselves on all the popular online communities such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc as it helps to share your video content. In fact, you can share your explainer videos and answer a different question to the people, thus enhancing the video engagement.

Create mobile friendly videos

Almost 75% of the world is busy watching videos on their mobile devices. When you are about to make your video, remember the video will be viewed on the mobiles devices. Try to get to the point quickly and let your viewers understand the theme of your video.

Urge your viewers to share your videos

Social media is a way through which you can quickly popularize your business. Considering the stats, there are 188 million active users on Snapchat alone. Releasing your video on such social media platforms helps your video to get a broader perspective of your audiences. Make sure to compose your video compellingly so as to get more shares.

Pin your video in Twitter feeds

Pinning your tweets ensures you that your tweet is not getting lost with the new tweets. It also helps to enhance the user engagement to your video tweets. In fact, according to a study pinning a twitter cad helps you to enhance your conversions. Pin your video tweets and watch the plays.


These are just the few video marketing techniques discussed in the article, but try to inculcate them in your marketing strategy as it helps you to take your business to another level. Boost your business and spread your work efficiently.

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