While you are thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you are probably falling into the trap of thinking that Google is the only one that can help your video content to rank high.

Though it’s quite easy for anyone to understand why!

Google is considered as the most potent and influential search engines in this era.

But, does that mean that Google is the only search engine we have?

Now, this is something we are here to find out!

Though no search engines have that power to match the enormity of Google, there are some that are quite underrated such as – YouTube which is the search engine for your video content.

YouTube is considered as the second most powerful search engine after Google. It has the power to not only boost up your search presence but also the rate of conversions.

While surfing through the second most powerful search engine – YouTube, one might come across various most viewed channels and videos. It could be easy to underestimate them by believing that the channel might be famous and also contains a massive bunch of subscribers.

But, every YouTube subscriber or channel started right from scratch or simply started with zero subscribers and zero views.

So now the question arises, how a video can gather millions of views, while the other video content with the same subject is barely able to reach a couple of people?

The answer to this question is not a mystery as there is no sorcery behind it. The answer is very crisp and clear – YouTube SEO!

Everyone wants their video content to get acknowledged by their targeted segment of potential customers and to do so; you need to optimize your video content. While you are posting your video content, this particular step of optimizing your video content is particularly important as new video creators are joining the platform at an alarming rate.

According to a survey by the State of Video Marketing 2019, 88% of the marketers are likely to use YouTube as a channel for their business. In fact, a study by Business insider suggested that a total of 567,000 hours of video content is being uploaded on YouTube daily.

But don’t let the above stats be a hindrance in between you and your business goals. Everything is possible, and so is to rank higher on YouTube. But all you need to know is –How and that’s exactly what we are going to enlighten you about in this article.

As YouTube on its own is a search engine, it has its own SEO practices as well.

Further, in the article, we have seven tactics to make your video content rank higher in 2019…

Your Video Content must have a Focused Keyword

Before you post your video content on YouTube, the very first thing to keep in mind is to create a focused keyword for each of your videos as it will help to enhance the rankings. The entire search engines work by matching the search items of the users with the most suitable result, and YouTube is no different!

Once you are done finding the most relevant keywords for your video content use them in the title and description of your video content as it will help to optimize your content in a better manner, thus helps your video to rank higher.

Optimize the Title of Your Video content

Once you have crossed that stage of finding the most appropriate keywords for your video content, try to optimize your video content in other ways as well that will help to enhance your YouTube rankings.

One of the simplest ways to do so is to add the keyword in the title of your videos, but just by adding keywords cannot do wonders, You need to try some other tactics as well, to make your video content shine out from the crowd.

The title of your video content must be compelling enough to make your audiences click and see what all is present in it.

Optimize the Description of your Video

After adding a keyword to the title of your video content, you need to find out ways to optimize the description. The title of your video is the catchiest thing that helps your viewers to come and watch your video, but when you add a keyword to the description of the video content, it helps to provide more in-depth information to the viewers.

There are some essential things to keep in mind while you write your video descriptions.

  • Including a keyword is a must thing
  • Make sure to craft your content is a unique manner; don’t try to be a copycat!
  • Never forget to include the URL of your business website, as it will help your targeted audiences to redirect to the same.

Don’t forget to include – Right Tags!

After all the steps to place keywords in the title and description of video content, the next step for you is to include the relevant tags in the ‘tags’ section.

As these tags are only for YouTube reference, so your targeted audiences won’t be able to see them.

Some popularly used tags are as:

  • Life hacks
  • Social Media Hacks
  • Social Media Tips

The tags that you use in your video content is not supposed to be super specific.

Engaging Script is a must

A good and well engaging script plays is a significant part while you are wondering to craft your video content. A well-coordinated script allows you to get natural and spontaneous reactions from your audience.

A well-written script can help you to use your language in an appropriate manner that also helps to capture the attention of your targeted audiences. According to a study, the attention span of humans is just 10 seconds, which makes it very essential for you to write your script in a way that helps to explain your motive within a few seconds.

So make sure, while you are writing your script, try to get to the point soon and educate your audiences with your business motives.

Craft Longer Videos

Whether you believe or not, but longer videos outperform the videos that are shorter, especially when it comes to YouTube. Try typing the keywords on YouTube and in search results you will find the lengthy videos grabbing the first five positions.

YouTube usually use the total view duration when it comes to ranking your video content, making sense of why a longer video is recommended. A longer video helps to make your viewer engaged for a longer period of time because of which the ranking for your content tends to get enhanced.

Encourage User Engagement

Have you ever noticed “why every video ends with click the like button, and don’t forget to subscribe to get updates”?

No, then we have a perfect answer to this question of yours.

The reason behind such a statement at the end of every video is that it helps to affect your SEO. Whenever anyone tends to like, comment or share your video content, YouTube automatically gets a signal that your video content is being liked by your targeted audiences, thus making it an engaging content.

Final Thoughts!

YouTube is indeed one of the most competitive places where you can easily share your video content as it contains a humongous number of people vesting this domain on a daily basis. While you are posting your video content to enhance SEO ranking, there are some points which are to be kept in mind while you post your video content. Incorporate the above tactics while you post your video content on YouTube and enhance your SEO rankings.

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