It’s quite clear that videos play a very crucial medium for the marketers of every segment. But the question arises that, what makes your potential viewers glued to their screen while watching your video? And what is the main ingredient behind a great video? Is your video really informative and good? Or maybe answer to all of these questions is to make such videos available on the right time for the potential customers on a global level.

Videos are considered as the most appealing tool- visually! A video must be crafted in a way which perfectly represents your brand and business in an informative, engaging and humorous manner. Providing your targeted segment with such videos on a regular interval helps them to get back to your brand, thus increasing your brand’s visibility and popularity.

Further, in the article, we have discussed seven secrets to create successful video content with a hope that these tricks will help you to achieve your desired return on investment (ROI).

So, let’s dive in!

Secret 1: Focus must be on the story, not sales!

At times marketers tend to pile up on the screen of their viewers with sales, which are extremely annoying and repelling their targeted customers. Don’t make your business one of them – instead try to craft your video is a way which helps in communicating your message or story to your users and not the sales! Rules for video content marketing and content marketing in almost the same prioritize to focus on your offering and messages, by providing your targeted audiences with the most appropriate information.

Utilize the power of your video content by showcasing the needs and requirements of your customer. You can even place a relevant call-to-action at the end of the video by asking your customers to follow your brand.

Secret 2: First few seconds are the most crucial

Attention spans are very less, in fact, on an average; a human attention span is of just 8.5 seconds. Making it very clear that if you want to grab your user’s attention, then you need to create wonders within the first few seconds of your video content.

When it comes to crafting video content, you must bring your innovation to life quickly, so as to gain more user attention. Try to give clarity to your users in the first few seconds by telling them about your video in a nutshell.

Secret 3: Optimize your search

There are ample of strategies found in search engines to guard your videos. The very first thing to consider is to grow maximum SEO value from your video content is to try hosting it in your domain. The other thing to consider is the description of the videos. A complete description of your video allows the search spider of Google to analyze your video and conclude the content of your video. Remember to include the relevant keywords with fully described description and innovative titles.

Moreover, if you are not making your video content optimized for search, then you might be missing out on a huge number of your targeted customers.

Secret 4: Don’t forget to include – CTA’S

While crafting a video, always make sure to optimize your video content with call-to-action (CTA). A call to action does not always bring your customers to sale or sign up. In fact, it helps your content to get the following advantages.

  • Subscribe to your channel
  • Follow or Like your Page
  • Share with your friends
  • Comment on the video
  • Check out other content

In fact, a study by Wistia found out that after analyzing 481,514 calls to action from 324,015, 95.9% of companies prefer to place a call to action at the end of their video content

Secret 5: Educate your Audiences

Video content is the best medium when you are looking out for a way to communicate well with your potential customers. Videos help to deliver social proof of your services or product. According to a study by WebDam, client testimonials are the most effective way for your content marketing. A product video helps you to make the process of your product or services transparent in front of your targeted segment, thus enhancing the transparency between your customers and your organization.

Secret 6: Make your videos Humorous

According to the Social Media Manager at Cisco, Tim Washer “people in the corporate world tends to get nervous about the comedy and says that this genre doesn’t belong here, but this technique of inducing comedy might get you to the point economically and efficiently. Let’s try and observe whether it works or not?”

Audiences these days want to laugh; they want to be enlightened about various things which can help them get off that 9 to 5 daily routine.

A brand can easily incorporate their video content with humor, thus creating a lost lasting impression on your audience.

Secret 7: Be a responsive video marketer

Once your video is out for your viewers to watch, except to receive both questions and comments. If you find out that people are asking a certain type of questions repeatedly, you can easily mold it in the form of a video providing all the answers. Video content is more likely to be watched more as compared to that of your Frequently Asked Questions. Make time to respond to the queries of your customers.


To attain the most out of your video marketing, one must remember to follow the above points discussed in the article. Moreover, try to share and consider your video content more often as it helps to increase your brand’s awareness among your targeted segment globally.

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