Just in case if you are looking forward to market your brand or working as a professional in this industry then – Video marketing is something which is more than a necessity for any business or brand. As videos are getting consumed by the viewers at an alarming rate, businesses are actively making their potential segment fell the presence of their business. One of the prominent reasons behind this strategy is that video content helps in connecting with your targeted segment in a more effective manner, as compared to other marketing strategies used in the industry. This just not surprise us anymore – as the marketers are very well aware of how these visuals help in convincing your audiences to go for your products or services.

Moreover, are you are of the fact that the attention span of an average human being has minimized from 12 minutes in 1998 to less than 8 seconds in 2018!

That’s astonishing! This makes it a must for you to bring up innovative, creative and robust marketing plans.

So move ahead with this article, if you haven’t started to use video marketing in your business and kick start your innovation to build up new video marketing strategies. Read on for the six most surprising reasons why your company must use video marketing to connect well with your audiences.

  1. Videos help your audiences to understand your message well
  2. Some business processes and their missions are easy to understand, while others can take hours! So if you too are feeling that your business or the purpose of your brand is quite difficult to understand, then videos are the perfect way to communicate them to your potential audiences. Big texty webpages can create monotony for a viewer, thus making your customers hopping to the other brand. Such practices might lower down your customer engagement making all of your marking strategies totally useless. But video content makes it easy for your viewers to understand the message you want to convey and that too in a clear and concise manner.

    Short, crisp and clear video content is very much appreciated by the audiences!

  1. Videos help to captivate your users’ attention
  2. On an average a human is able to cope up their attention only for 8 seconds, yes you heard it right! This makes it quite important for every marketer to craft content in a way which makes the viewer curious about what is going to be next. Just texts and pictures are not enough to enhance the engagement of your users; you need something more to make them glued to your brand page.

    Videos are the best escape to gather a good amount of attention as compared to that of other marketing strategies. The best was to craft your video is to make it short, easy to understand and interesting.

  1. Enhancing the level of retention of your audiences
  2. Video content helps to convey your complicated thoughts and messages in a way which is easy to understand as well as to process. A human brain can easily process things faster if they watch it visually thus enhancing the retention power of the viewer, producing your motives with the help of a video helps to make a long lasting impression on your potential segment of audiences.

  1. Explains tough concepts in one go!
  2. Videos are the best medium to explain your thoughts and grab the attention of your viewer. Information, when processed with the help of eyes, helps the brain to break it up into small pieces easily, thus making the understanding quiet fast. With the help of why to video or how to videos, one can easily make their potential segment understand about the processes of the company, hence creating the transparency between your brand and the viewer. Such practices are very much appreciated by the audience.

  1. Makes your audience more focused on your brand
  2. Video content is not just to make anything in your 60 seconds video, but to make full use of this strategy is by educating your potential customers about your brand and business. If your video contains the information which is not related to your subject, then it might become tough for them to understand your motive behind the video. Always try to craft the relevant information in your video so that your targeted audiences can easily relate to the topic.

  1. Helps in evoking complex emotions
  2. To make your video content more relatable and humane, you need to put in extra efforts with your content by infusing emotion in your videos. With such a small span of attention, the only way through which you can easily evoke the emotion of your customers is via video content. Whether your video content is a whiteboard content or emotional animation series, try to put in some emotion so that your potential customers can relate to your video, thus making it more engaging.

Final Thoughts!

With the above reasons, you might have become quite evident with the importance of video marketing in your marketing strategies. This technique should not be limited only to your website but must be spread across all mediums.

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