Effective corporate communication is key to enhance and keep up an optimistic outlook in business. There have been remarkable advances that have played a huge role in enhancing the simplicity at which people communicates in their working sphere. Videos play a huge asset in such corporate sphere by enhancing the efficiency of the workforce. According to Cisco, by 2020 videos will account almost 82% of the consumer traffic, which is nearly 1 million minutes of video being shared every second.

Interesting isn’t it!

The usage of videos in corporate communication gives you an upper hand to be innovative and to showcase your expertise.

With regards, here is some handful of ways to revamp your corporate communication skills to your professional life.

Quality Content

The quality of the message that you are trying to convey, is the first step towards effective corporate communication. Assure that whatever you are communicating must be clear and concise. Regardless of the fact, whether you are trying to convey a mass email or imperatively having a conversation with your colleague, one must realize the type of conversation they are sharing.

Non-verbal Communication – YES, it matters!

Not all communications are initiated verbally. If you are looking forward to be a successful communicator, you must know the significance of non-verbal communication. If you are trying to convey something said by your colleague, make it a priority that your body language compliments your verbal or non-verbal communication.

Encourage One-on-One Communication

Organizations have always been relying on the most common method of communication – Email. Any electronic communication can have an unfavorable effect on any relation, especially the relationship with your colleagues. Even if you are talking with good intentions, one might misinterpret. Most of the conversations come from facial appearances and non-verbal gesticulations. It is a lot easier to decode the meaning behind what an individual says when communication is one-on-one.

Feedbacks- Never forget!

Regardless of the processes of an organization, employees need to feel that their opinions and thoughts are being acknowledged. It is hard for one-way communication to work, which makes it very important that employees must have a platform to share their feedbacks or even ask a question.

Asking for feedback is a phenomenal approach that ensures the usage of effective communication in a business environment. This method not only helps to give an optimistic outlook but also enhances open communication.

Visual Communication

Inculcating different ways of business communication is considered to be effective as compared to words. It’s hard to convey facts in the form of words, hence informative images, charts, and videos come in play. Pictures, videos, and charts help to demonstrate easily how your business is performing thus opposing the utilizing of oral communication.

Visual communications such as video, images are quite attractive, and people widely appreciate such effective ways of corporate communications. According to Forbes, 59 percent of the people prefer to watch a video rather than to read a text, providing us with a superficial outlook about the power and effectiveness of video communication


In a nutshell, all the above tips are necessary to make a corporate communication effective, but I personally feel that one must make it a priority to induce video communication as it makes your communication faster, smoother and easy-to-understand. May it be resisting the fallouts of globalization or altering workforce, the usage of video technology helps you to convey your messages in a better way.

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