Good communication is the key to success in any organization. No doubt that there are a number of communication tools and techniques available to communicate, but out of all such techniques, meetings and emails still remain the most preferred methods for the companies.

Emails are great too, as you can easily create an email and review it afterward so as to check its accuracy and completions. You can even send emails either to the specific individuals or to a group of people. However, according to a study by Campaign Monitor, an email received by an average employee is 94 per6day, depressing! The emails that consist of more of text are at more risk of getting skimmed or ignored. Moreover, even if the emails are not reading your emails, still they are at the risk of getting interpreted in a wrong way, causing confusion.

So, what if we start to incorporate videos for our internal communications as well?

Well, it’s a fantastic idea.

Around 54% of the professionals say that they prefer a video over a text-based email for internal communications. Moreover, this is not they want, but this kind of professionalism is what they expect from their organization. So, just in case if you are providing your people with the thing they are expecting, then it might be a key for successful communication.

Further, in the article, we will provide you with five solid reasons that will convince you to incorporate videos for your internal communications

Videos are more Effective, as compared to a text-based Email

Taking about video content, it’s not only better, but it works in its best way. During visual communication, you can easily give your people the real tasks and instructions that an email would fail to do.

A picture might say a thousand words, but a video can help you convey 10,000 words in a single go. Video content, when used for internal communication, helps to enhance the retention power of your employees, thus increasing their accuracy for the task as well. Moreover, according to a study, 67% of the employees complete their task in a better way when conveyed via videos.

As said before, the most preferred mode of internal communication

It should not shock you that, video communication is the most preferred over the content that contains text or images. In fact, according to a study, millennials are the generation who are crazy for video content, and when used for internal communication, this generation makes the most out of this technique. Moreover, as millennials are the world’s largest living generation, so this strategy is something which must be prioritized by every organization.

The millennials are not kids anymore; this generation contains the most established decision-makers and leaders.

Videos help you to save both, Time and Money

The other main reason to incorporate videos in your internal communication is that it helps to save a lot of time and money! By showcasing the power of your visual communication can also help your organization to reach its desired Return on investment (ROI). Such strategies also help to enhance the productivity of your employees.

Helps to create a better working Environment

A good working environment helps the organization with the two most crucial things:

  1. Getting rid of high turnover rates
  2. Attracting new talents

The rates of turnovers are increasing at an alarming rate, and the generation of millennials is known for job hopping. Most of them confessed that within a span of two years they might switch to a good position. So it’s now the turn of an organization to make their decision.

Great companies always look forward to some creative ways and methods to provide some ways for employee engagement, thus reducing the turnover rates and eventually saving the money of the organization.

After all, there is no other way of advertising your brand and business than a cheerful and happy employee.

Helps to enhance transparency

Communication which is informal has its own disadvantages and disadvantages. At times word of mouth can make your employee misinterpret something very important. Video communication is a flexible method which helps you to convey your messages and motives in a way which are easy to consume. Moreover, such strategies also help in enhancing the relationship between your employees.


Internal communication with the help of videos is one of the most powerful tools that not only help to enhance customer satisfaction but also helps in improving the satisfaction of your employees. Incorporate this technique within your organization and observe the difference.

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