Marketers have started to use videos in numerous ways to enhance their promotion of different products and services. One might find videos everywhere on YouTube, recorded webinars, landing pages, emails, etc. The main reason why videos are so popular is very clear, as they provide you with a perfect medium to introduce your brand with your potential customers, thus creating a long-lasting impression and build relations with your targeted segment.

According to a statistics, 63% of the brands and business have started to integrate the technique of video marketing into their content marketing strategies. Furthermore, 82% of those marketers felt that video marketing has gradually become a significant part of their strategy.

According to a study by Hub Spot, on average brands publish at least 18 videos a month, making it clear that the demand for videos is ever increasing as it of great value to marketing.

Video marketing is blooming rapidly and will touch the new heights sooner than we can even imagine.

No doubt, that video marketing is the new addition to your toolbox of promotion, but this is something which can help your brand to increase its visibility and credibility.

Still feeling doubtful? Is this content marketing strategy worth trying or not? Or Are your resources enough to create a perfect video for your content marketing?

The answer to all of them is YES! Video content is one of the most flexible, resourceful and an effective digital marketing tool in this era. Start incorporating this strategy in your content marketing strategy or else; you might risk getting left behind by your peers.

Further, in the article, we give your five reasons of why the strategy of video marketing must be incorporated with your business.

Videos enhance your SEO

A research by Hub spot, concluded that 65% of people visited a brand’s website after watching the video content of the brand. This makes it very clear that a video content of high –quality helps in boosting up user engagement, thus increasing the footfall to your website. This is very important as click-through rates and increased traffic is the major Google risking elements. Therefore, the more the traffic on your brand’s website more will be the probability for your website to rank high.

Video content also helps to surge up your SEO as it the most responsive medium across various devices. An application such as YouTube and Vimeo has the ability to adjust many screen sizes and also optimized for smart devices.

To enhance your video SEO, remember the following points:

  1. Short video is much appreciated – so keep it ‘Clear & Concise.’
  2. Transcript your video scripts
  3. Video optimizing is a must
  4. Don’t forget to create – High-quality Thumbnails

Videos make your viewers stick to your website for longer

By data published by Forbes, an average user tends to spend 88% more time on a website which is incorporated with interactive video content that they might do with any other type of content. Just in case if this notion turns out to be true, then the addition of video content on your website helps in enhancing the amount of time your visitor time on your website.

The other reason might be that people in this digitally modern era are well equipped with smart devices and find watching a video more interesting than reading a text on the small screens. Moreover, videos tend to explain about the product or the services in a better manner which helps to reach to customers of every segment many it is the millennial or Gen Z, your messages are communicated well via videos.

Videos are captivating

Video content is capable enough to make your viewers stick to your website for a longer period, but the question arises HOW?

Videos help to depict your message is a way which is easy or your targeted segment to understand, video content is the combination of visual and auditory senses.

In simple words, video content captivates your viewers’ attention in a perfect manner.

Humans love to watch a video, and it is even easier for them to process the information, in fact, humans have a tendency to process the visual information 60,000 times faster as compared to a text or an image. And as most of the data is passed on by the brain, which means that an individual retains 95% of the information when viewed via video.

Videos enhance your conversions

According to a report by Top 16 video marketing statistics for 2016, integrating an informative and creative video content helps to increase the conversions by 80% or even more. Video content helps in providing your potential customers with a detailed description of your product or services. When your viewers tend to understand your videos well, it becomes more engaging due to which the message you wanted to communicate is quickly and effectively conveyed. In fact, when a viewer watches your video content, it helps them to increase their trust in your business as well, eventually leading to more conversions.

Videos are – ‘Shareable’

According to a study by Wordstream data, the video which is socially posted gets 1200% more share as compared to that of text or any image content. On other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, video content is shared 20 times more often as compared to any other type of format.

The main reason why video content is more shareable is not only that it provides a mode of entertainment to your potential customers, but it does bring practical value to your products and services by delivering explainer videos, process videos, etc.

Wrapping Up!

When you decide to add video content to your marketing strategy, just be pretty clear about the budget and the return on investment that you are looking forward to your company achieve. Be sure to keep all the above-discussed point in your mind before you start with this fantastic content marketing strategy.

Good luck!

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