Most of the B2B marketers, now days are quite troubled regarding the potential to generate leads on different social media platforms. Moreover, the recent changes in the algorithm of Facebook and Twitter have also somehow restricted the organic reach of different posts from the brands.

But, what if we introduce you to escape to most of your B2B marketing problem?

No need to stress – savvy and witty marketers are quite aware of the advantages of marketing on LinkedIn.

It hasn’t been much longer than the social media platforms – LinkedIn successfully transformed itself from a small professional networking website to a humongous world force. In fact, according to the reports from CMI and Marketing Profs, regarding the B2B content marketing 2018 – Trends, LinkedIn is considered as the most used social media platform for B2B firms.

LinkedIn has emerged as a goldmine for generating new leads and driving relevant traffic to the company website.

Further, in this article, we have compiled some essential features of LinkedIn which can surely help you to become a leader for B2B marketing.

Native Ads

Native Ads are also commonly known as sponsored content, particularly the advertisements that appear within the LinkedIn feeds. This technique for B2B marketing is efficient and helpful for brand awareness and driving relevant traffic.

This is one of the best advantages of LinkedIn as it gives you an opportunity to create your content which is informative yet catchy- the type of content that leave people to ask for more.

Sponsored Inmail

Sponsored InMail is an advantage in this era where it is hard for every business to reach out to the professional inboxes. This feature can easily send tailored direct messages to the members on the platform, even if you are not connected!

Lead Generation

Potential customer searches for the company like yours every day through LinkedIn- but the actual thing is to get found! You can easily optimize your organization’s page with relevant keywords that help to enhance the exposure of your business. In fact, using the strategy of lead generation forms are exceptionally effective for lead generation, as they pre-populate automatically according to LinkedIn profile data, thus not forcing the user to navigate from the website.


The capability of LinkedIn Insight gives your profile an advantage to track your website visitors and to market to at the same time while they are on the same platform as you are. Such visitors are more likely to be curious in your organization and services, hence enhancing your odds of conversions.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Advertisements are exclusively customized for the members to view them. Populating your profile with the relevant image and details helps your business to stand out and capture relevant attention.


LinkedIn has a lot to offer and it also one of the ideal platforms for B2B marketing. But without the proper knowledge, it just becomes another social media network. Initiate the above-discussed LinkedIn features into your B2B marketing strategy and enhance your business by making it conversational and targeted.

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