It’s 2019, and we all are pretty well aware of the connection between video marketing and various social media platforms, and how both of them goes hand in hand to build a vast empire of your potential customer for your brand. According to a study, there are about 96% of the users who discuss the brand but are not interested in following a brand owned page or profile. In fact, the people between the age group of 55-64 are more likely to get themselves engaged with a branded content that those of 29or younger.

Videos have absolutely dominated the world of social media. According to a study by Hub Spot, four out of the top six channels on which individual watch videos are social media platforms. Furthermore, some researchers even predicted that within a time span of 5 years, all of the platforms would purely be video based.

With the introduction of different social media channels, marketers now have a very robust and a powerful tool, through which one can easily share their essential pieces of content with their potential customers on a global level.

Video marketing is categorized under a cost-effective method as it helps you to shoot your high-quality videos with your smartphone, which not only helps your brand to gain credibility but also the trust of your targeted segment. Video marketing is among the most profitable and versatile content marketing tool for you to introduce your brand to people on a global level.

Further, in the article, we will provide you with five reasons why an organization must use video marketing for their business.

Video marketing –Boosts up your conversions and sales

Video marketing helps you to boost up your sales as well as the conversion. By adding a product or a service video on your home pages helps you to enhance your rate your conversions by 80%. Video also helps to lead to sales directly. According to research, 74% of the viewers who watched an explainer video were more confident to buy the product.

A powerful tool to enhance your Return on Investment

In fact, 83% of the marketers agreed to the fact that video marketing helped them in providing god Return on investment (ROI). Though producing a video is not that cheap or easy as it may sound, but the returns are quite commendable. Moreover, online video editing tools are constantly helping video makers to produce high-quality videos.

Another thing that might strike your attention is that only high-quality videos are appreciated by the end user, but if your videos are not able to explain the process of your product or service, also it might lose the interest of your targeted segment.

Provides trust building factor

Trust is the very building block of sales and conversions. The whole theory of video marketing is primarily based on making long term relationships and trust. Stop boasting about your organization and provide your potential customers with the actual information they are looking out for. Videos not only help to share the information but also help your users to get connected to your brand emotionally. Share your content on YouTube and make people aware of your offerings.

Helps you to engage your potential customers

Video marketing, when done right, helps your viewers to consume the content of your video easily. In this era, where people don’t invest minutes in understanding about the process of your product or company, a small animated explainer video can turn out to be a boon for your organization.

Modern day customers love transparency, and to show them the process of your product within a few seconds is just a cherry on the cake for your business. Video marketing has the ability to captivate the interest of vast audiences, thus making it the most engaging strategy.

Videos are appreciated by Google.

Videos allow your targeted customers to spend more time on your website. Longer, the exposure more will be the trust built by your end users. According to a study, if you have a video integrated on your website, then you have 53 times more chances to show on the first pages of Google. As YouTube is also now owned by Google, this also affects the rankings accordingly. Writing a proper title, descriptions, and tags helps you to optimize your video in a better manner.

Wrapping Up!

Video marketing is gradually becoming a strategy which is used by an industry of every segment to enhance their sales and conversions. This strategy not only makes your video content to share on various social media platforms but also helps you to work to get to reach to the customers on a global level.

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