As 2019 kicks off, digital marketing trends seem to stimulate rather than curtailing. Businesses are eagerly looking for advanced competitive improvements and different ways to connect and interact with their new customers. According to Adobe 2016 Digital Trends Report, 76% of the people agreed to the fact that the trends of digital marketing have transformed at a massive rate in past two years than it ever did over the past fifty years.

Digital marketing shows no signs to slow down as it is in the active state of progression, because of which business owners are now concentrating on strengthening and enhancing their digital marketing strategies for the year ahead. The use of Artificial intelligence and Chatbot has opened new opportunities for marketing automation and personalized campaigns, which are now considered as hard to ignore strategies.

Though there are many new digital marketing techniques and trends, that are evolving, but there are some key elements that are the must for your business to follow.

Further, in the article, we have five latest digital marketing trends that you can expect to take shape in 2019.

Video Marketing

Below data introduces you to the importance of incorporating video marketing into your digital marketing strategy:

  1. 70% of the users share their brand’s video
  2. 72% of the users have experienced an improvement in their conversion rate
  3. 52% of the users confessed that watching a video made them more confident about making an online purchase

YouTube is not taking all the credits, but it’s essential to share your videos on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc to witness high user engagement.

Live videos have also started to gain popularity; businesses have started to use this feature to showcase their interviews, behind the event scenes, etc which enhances their user engagement.


Chatbot gives your business an upper hand to interact with your customers in real time, irrespective of day or night. 80% of the companies will integrate chatbots by 2020, making 1.4 billion people interacting with them, especially in the healthcare and banking industries.

In fact, customers love to interact with them as they are responsive –giving answers promptly, never lose their level of patience and give users the perfect suggestion by recalling their buying history.

Geo-marketing will expand

Geo-marketing is a strategy which has now been in business for quite a while, but the requirements for more accurate and error-free results have led to the emergence of other advanced technologies such as Geo-fencing.

Geofencing helps you to take one step closer to your customers as it helps you to concentrate on the areas that contain heavy saturation for your business.
Many companies serve their digital advertisements to their mobile users via Geo-Tagging, which is yet another way to capitalize. Such push notifications are indeed a great technique to enhance your user engagement and brand awareness.

Artificial Intelligence powered Solutions

AI tools such as Alexa and Siri, have become popular names. They not only help in providing perfect customer care services but also helps the user to find the product or service they are looking out for in a more comfortable and a faster manner. Because of such advantages, OC&C Strategy Consultants have predicted that 55% of all the homes will consider using Artificial powered solutions by 2022.

Using an intelligent AI solution in your business will further help you to reach your target audience in a more accessible manner, thus providing them with the perfect solution. As technology tends to improve it helps you to serve your people in a better manner, hence paving the way for better user experience.

Social Media Applications

According to various statistics, every business must use the power of social media applications.

  1. Facebook Messenger contains 1.3 billion active monthly users
  2. Number of messages exchanged monthly between businesses and people on Facebook is 2 billion
  3. WhatsApp contains 1.3 billion monthly active users

The above number depicts the popularity of social media applications. As people have started to spend more time on social media platforms, it becomes a necessity for your business services to reach where your potential audiences are hanging out.

Wrapping Up!

2019 will be concentrating on better user experience with Artificial intelligence, automation, and personalization, which will help to boost up your conversions. All you need to focus is on conversational content – mainly on video and audio that will help your business reach its relevant audiences.

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